Accompanied by supporters, Huang Xinming completed the registration for the primary election of the DPP's first constituency in Ping County.

(Photo by reporter Luo Xinzhen)

[Reporter Luo Xinzhen/Pingtung Report] Today (24th) is the last day of registration for the Democratic Progressive Party’s primary election, and the competition for the first constituency in Ping County (Pingbei) is fierce. After the coordination of former Legislative President Su Jiaquan, the counties that have received the form Councilor Fang Yixiang decided to give up talents and support Huang Xinming, director of the Pingtung Management Office of the Farmland and Water Conservancy Department; Huang Xinming, accompanied by Ping County councilors Fang Yixiang, Chen Zongting, and Su Mengjie, went to the Pingtung County Party Headquarters of the DPP at 11 o'clock this morning to complete the Registration for the Legislative Primaries of the First Constituency.

Huang Xinming said that he has served farmers in the Water Conservancy Association for 39 years, and he stands with farmers every day. Farmers watch the sky and eat very hard. I hope that if I can be a member of the Legislative Council, I will formulate better policies to help farmers. Let farmers live a better life, let farmers find and see people, in addition to continuing to serve farmers, we also hope to expand the scope of services to improve the lives of residents in Pingtung County; The position of the director of management is in the body, but running for election does not violate administrative neutrality.

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County councilor Fang Yixiang said that he originally planned to participate in the primary election of the DPP's first constituency, because many grassroots people encouraged them, saying that the DPP can also cultivate new generations, but Su Jiaquan has come forward The dean coordinated Huang Xinming and Fang Yixiang himself. He was quite friendly with the former dean Su Jiaquan, and he was also quite friendly with Director Huang Xinming. Dean Su thought that since Director Huang and him were so friendly, it was It’s not possible to coordinate a representative to stand for the election, “because I’m still young, and I have a lot to learn.” Director Huang Xinming has contributed a lot to Pingtung’s farmland water conservancy in the past 3 to 40 years, and his own learning experience is also very good. , is a Ph.D. in water conservancy and marine engineering from Cheng Kung University. He also has aspirations and ideas. He hopes to enter the Legislative Yuan and advise the central government to make the farmland water conservancy in Pingtung better in the future, and even expand the national water conservancy system to a better policy.

Fang Yixiang said, "I'm young, so I'm willing to let the virtuous", and turned to support Huang Xinming to win the legislator of the first constituency of Pingtung County. Although he has a watch, he accompanied Director Huang Xinming to register today. He announced that he would not register as a candidate for the party's primary election this time. Today he publicly expressed his support for Director Huang Xinming's bid for the legislator of Pingtung County's first constituency, and hoped that the people of Pingtung County would support him to qualify. Representing the Democratic Progressive Party to participate in the election of the Legislative Council members, being able to be elected to the Legislative Yuan and help Pingtung to do more things. I also thank the former President Su Jiaquan for coordinating. He is willing to let Xian turn to support Director Huang Xinming.

Huang Xinming also said that he would like to thank Mr. Fang Yixiang for making concessions, and also thanking the former Dean Su Jiaquan, as well as the members and fellow villagers who accompanied him to register. Pass it to the central government through him, let the central government know the aspirations of the people at the grassroots level.

As of noon today, in the first constituency of Ping County (Pingbei) for the Democratic Progressive Party’s primary election, county councilor Chen Mingda, current legislator Zhong Jiabin, and director of the Pingtung Management Office of the Farmland and Water Conservancy Department Huang Xinming have registered. The second constituency is There is Xu Zhanwei, a county councilor.

Fang Yixiang (right) accompanied Huang Xinming (middle) to register.

(Photo by reporter Luo Xinzhen)

Fang Yixiang (left) announced his support for Huang Xinming (right).

(Photo by reporter Luo Xinzhen)