Lai Kuncheng (4th from left), accompanied by a number of green camp officials, went to the Taitung County Party Headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party to complete the registration for the primary election of the legislators this morning.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang/Taitung Report] The contest for Liu Lai in the Taitung Legislative Primary Election of the Democratic Progressive Party took shape today. After Liu Chaohao registered for the election on the 22nd, Lai Kuncheng also registered this morning.

Lai Kuncheng said that the best result so far is "the legislator in my constituency and Liu Chaohao fight for non-partitioning and wait to join the cabinet." This is the best for the future development of the green camp.

In this regard, Liu Chaohao emphasized that every step of electing public office is determined by voters, and politicians rely on hard work and earnest management to win the support of voters, rather than assigning others what to do.

Accompanied by county councilors Huang Zhiwei, Lin Cantian, city representative Qiu Yingsan, Beinan Township Mayor Chen Zhidong, Taitung Fengsheng District Chief Qiu Han, Taitung City Fengsheng District Chief Zhong Huangting, and other green camp officials, Lai Kuncheng went to the DPP Taitung County Party in the morning. department registration.

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Lai Kuncheng emphasized that he had been a "short-lived legislator" for two years, but he coordinated across parties in the Congress and passed the 40 billion Huadong Fund Special Regulations despite numerous obstacles. Central government funds allow him to serve as a legislator again, and Taitung will regain its prosperity.

Lai Kuncheng said that in recent years, supporters of the green camp have developed a complex of not wanting to vote and making people cry. The role of supporting newcomers.

Lai Kuncheng said that for the development of the green camp in Taitung, he strongly suggested Liu Chaohao: "I will elect the legislator, you should not divide it, and do your best to support Lai Qingde as president and wait to join the cabinet."

Liu Chaohao said that in the past ten years, he has continued to cultivate in Taitung, where the political landscape is bluer than green, and has never left Taitung.

I would like to thank the folks in Taitung for their affirmation of his performance, which allowed him to gain cross-party recognition and support.

Liu Chaohao said that the primary election system is a democratic process that the DPP has practiced for a long time. He will follow the rules of the party’s primary elections and use his hard work and achievements over the past ten years to win everyone’s affirmation and support. In the future, he will continue to work step by step and work hard in the The Legislative Yuan is inquiring about politics and serving the folks in the local area, so as to win the support and recognition of the folks in Taitung, and strive to win the 2024 election.

Lai Kuncheng (middle) went to the Taitung County Party Headquarters of the Democratic Progressive Party this morning to complete the registration for the primary election of the party's legislators.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)