KMT Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin registered to complete the nomination process for the primary election of the 7th constituency.

(Photo by reporter Cai Yahua)

[Reporter Cai Yahua/Taipei Report] Today is the last day for nomination and registration of legislators for the first phase of the Kuomintang’s Taipei City Legislative Committee (Constituent Districts 3, 7, and 8). Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin, who recently started the primary election battle with KMT legislator Fei Hongtai, arrived in the morning The Taipei City Party Headquarters completed the registration, and Xu Qiaoxin shouted that the best way is for her to enter the Congress, Fei Hongtai is not on the list of divisions or enters the 2024 cabinet, and the blue camp does not split.

Accompanied by a large number of assistants, Xu Qiaoxin completed the registration for the primary election with a deposit. Facing the media cameras and the self-opened live broadcast, Xu Qiaoxin recalled the election declaration to challenge Fei Hongtai.

Xu Qiaoxin said that now is the time for Fei Hongtai to reach a higher level. The purpose of the change of generations is not to pull down anyone, but to push senior people to another new realm and a new stage, "We will win In 2024, Fei can enter the cabinet, so I have me in the Legislative Yuan and Fei Hongtai in the cabinet. I think this will be the best partner and combination.”

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The media asked whether the Kuomintang would cheer for the change of generations?

Xu Qiaoxin said that in terms of talent flow, compared with the DPP, including the DPP will introduce a lot of new faces in the Beishi and Keelung legislators this time, the KMT always only has old faces, and I am very worried about the situation in the general election. The DPP’s freshness or new combat power will suffer.

The alternation of generations is not to bring down anyone, but to allow these senior committee members to develop upwards and have a better stage.

Xu Qiaoxin said that in 2024, along with the Kuomintang presidential candidate, who will be the finance minister when he enters the cabinet?

Who is the chairman of the FSC?

There is a vacancy for talents, so the professionalism and experience of these senior legislators are the most suitable for the cabinet after winning the election. If she can become a legislator in Xinyi Nansong District in the future, she will 100% support Fei Hongtai to enter the cabinet , upgraded to serve everyone, "I am in Congress, Fei Hongtai is the best combination and partner in the cabinet", it will be the best example of generational inheritance, and it is also the real answer to generational alternation.

Asked by the media whether she was worried about the split of the blue camp in the primary election, Xu Qiaoxin thought no. If she could pass the primary election, she would definitely support Fei Hongtai to go to non-partition. If she wins the election in 2024, she will face the problem of a cabinet shortage. To be in power, we must select people from senior legislators, and by-elections will be held again in constituencies, which will cost people and money, so the best way is "I will enter Congress, and the cost will be on the non-district list or as a cabinet role", and we will win 2024 together. There will be problems with splitting.

As for whether she would fully support Fei Hongtai if she did not win the primary election, Xu Qiaoxin did not respond positively. She only said that her job is to supervise the DPP, and she will not lose a penny in supervising the DPP. She also called for support. It is the simplest and most direct way to conduct primary elections through polls.

The media asked whether to accept the coordination, and Xu said that when the coordination is done, we will discuss it slowly. Are you worried that the coordination will not be good for you?

Xu Xiao said that it is useless to worry, "We are all part of the party system and respect the rules of the party department."