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Action worthy of a Hollywood movie script took place between Panagyurishte and Strelcha.

For a record long time - more than half a day, the police pursued a serial thief who, after a race, crossed a river and crossed several mountain pastures.

In the end, he hid in a forest, reports Nova TV.

The man with a criminal record turned out to be a "specialist" in stealing cigarettes and shoplifting.

That evening he stole 130 packs of cigarettes.

In the early hours of March 20, a private security company reported a break-in at a commercial establishment.

It turned out that a large amount of tobacco products and circulating money were missing.

The suspect was detained in a wooded area in the village of Dyulevo in Strelchen.

The man is 43 years old from Plovdiv, criminally proven, with 44 criminal records, mainly for theft.

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