Qiu Jianfu's decision to withdraw from the Democratic Progressive Party's primary election in Changhua's second legislature caused a shock. Today he kept answering the phone.

(Photo by reporter Tang Shiming)

[Reporter Tang Shiming/Changhua Report] DPP Changhua County 2nd Constituency Legislative Primary Election, Huang Xiufang seeks re-election. Former Changhua Mayor Qiu Jianfu was originally scheduled to go to register today to compete with Huang Xiufang in the primary election. Unexpectedly, a shock bomb was thrown out "No election", because Qiu Jianfu has repeatedly backed down from the county magistrate and legislator primary elections since he stepped down as mayor, which caused an uproar among supporters, local discussions, and Qiu Jianfu's phone calls.

Qiu Jianfu personally went to the fire line today to explain that if he fights, both sides will suffer. For the home run of "Taiwan Team and Changhua Team", he decided to give way again, and he feels very sorry for his supporters.

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Qiu Jianfu apologized to his concerned supporters, saying that President Tsai Ing-wen called him, and Secretary-General of the Presidential Office Lin Jialong personally asked him to meet him, hoping that he would be courteous and promote the DPP to unite in this election.

If he confronted Huang Xiufang in the primary election, both sides would be hurt. If he lost the general election again, he would become a sinner again. In addition, Huang Xiufang is the current legislator. , so that the 2024 local regime can continue.

Before Qiu Jianfu made his decision to withdraw from the primary election, it was reported that he would withdraw from the primary election, and that he might have "negotiated the conditions" to take over a new job in a state-owned enterprise. Qiu Jianfu clarified that there is no arrangement at present , he still focuses on auxiliary elections.

Qiu Jianfu said that together with the primary election of the legislative election, this is the number of times he has given way to his rivals in the same party after he stepped down as the mayor of Changhua. Progress, this is the path he chose. He also joked that he is probably the most courteous politician in the country, "Success does not have to be my fault, success must be mine."

The Democratic Progressive Party's Changhua County 2nd Constituency District Legislative Primary Election, Huang Xiufang (left) seeks re-election. Former Changhua Mayor Qiu Jianfu (right) originally registered to compete with her in the primary election today, but temporarily decided to "not vote." Local discussions abounded.

(Picture taken from Qiu Jianfu's Facebook page)