"Preparation for Schengen and the Eurozone.

Clean and cheap energy.

Agriculture, let's encourage small and medium-sized farms - for fruits and vegetables", said Vladislav Panev, who is a candidate for deputy from the coalition "We continue the change - Democratic Bulgaria

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a center-right political association composed of" in the show "This Morning".

These are the first three things the coalition will do if it wins the April 3 election and has the chance to govern. 

Bulgaria does not need a savior, it needs all of us

He emphasized that when PP and DB managed the price of natural gas, it was 20% below the price in Europe, and now it is over 20%. 

"The rulers are currently artificially inflating inflation, one is the price of natural gas, and another is the price of electricity," he said. 

"The money must be purposefully spent.

The last seven months of our government 2.9% was the budget deficit.

At the moment, the deficit is bigger because the official cabinet cannot collect its income, not because of the expenses", Panev specified.

According to him, it is possible for the minimum wage to become BGN 910. "We adopted a law for the minimum to be linked to the average.

The problem for me is paying by hand because then there is less income in the pension system.

We promise that there will be no excess profits tax as commented by the finance ministry.

The methods for bringing down the prices are not the low prices of natural gas," said Panev.

Democratic Bulgaria

We continue the change

Vladislav Panev