The father in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City suspected that he had improperly disciplined his children late at night, and the thrilling scenes were all captured by the public.

(Taken from Social Affairs News Audio-Visual Platform)

[Reporter Li Rongping/Taoyuan Report] The Pingzhen Branch of the Taoyuan City Police Department received a report from the public late last night that a man suspected that a child was crying in a community building tried to throw the child down on the balcony of the 10th floor. Neighbors witnessed the inappropriate discipline, recorded the process with their mobile phones and called the police.

The police received the report, took the father and the child back to the police station, notified the social worker to intervene, and handed it over to the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Center of the Taoyuan City Government to take over the management.

It is understood that the father is about 37 years old and has two sons with his wife. Among them, the 6-year-old son was suspected of being naughty and difficult to discipline last night. Take the children to the balcony to discipline them.

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This inappropriate discipline picture was uploaded on the audio-visual community platform by public PO. In the picture, it can be seen that the father holding the crying child in his arms on the 10th floor is holding it up high as if he is about to throw it down. Crying wildly, the father disciplined loudly, and once again made a gesture to throw the child downstairs, before putting the child down and continuing to lecture.

Lin Mingxin, deputy director of the Pingzhen Police Station, said today that the police rushed to the scene immediately after receiving the report and took the father and the child back. After understanding the incident, the children were making noise, but the father disciplined them in an inappropriate and out-of-order manner. The police immediately notified social workers to intervene According to Article 53 of the "Children and Adolescent Welfare and Rights Protection Law", it was reported to the Taoshi Municipal Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Center for management.

After investigation by the Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention and Control Center of Peach City Government, it was initially learned that the 6-year-old boy threw himself off the balcony because he did not listen to his father's advice many times and had many behavioral issues. He acted to intimidate the boy. Afterwards, the father knew that his behavior was inappropriate, and the boy’s physical and mental condition is still stable. If there is any physical and mental abuse in violation of Article 49 of the Children’s Rights Law, parental education will be punished according to law, and follow-up counseling will be continued to improve Parenting function.

The police emphasized that parents should communicate in an appropriate way when disciplining their children and not be overly emotional. If any violent behavior occurs, the police will immediately intervene in accordance with the law.

Liberty Newsletter cares about you: If you suspect that a child has been physically abused, mentally abused, or sexually assaulted, or sexually harassed, please call the 113 special line. Through the connection service of professional social workers, children in life crisis can be rescued as soon as possible.

The Pingzhen Branch of the Taoyuan City Police Department accepts cases of fathers suspected of improperly disciplining their children, calling on parents to use appropriate communication methods for discipline and not to be overly emotional.

(Photo by reporter Li Rongping)