Armenia received a total of four packages of proposals regarding the draft peace treaty from Azerbaijan and sent three documents to Baku in response.

APA reports with reference to "Sputnik Armenia" that the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan said this at the meeting of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament.

Mirzoyan said that the latest package of proposals was recently received from Baku, and Yerevan has not yet responded to this document.

Mirzoyan said that the parties managed to find at least mutually acceptable forms in many issues, although not ideal.

According to him, discussions and exchange of views were held, certain forms of compromise were determined.

The head of the Armenian Foreign Ministry added that important provisions are being discussed and the positions of the parties are still far from each other here.

Mirzoyan also emphasized that the negotiations are actually going on without mediators and these negotiations are considered bilateral.

Armenian minister speaking about the options of the peace agreement

"At first, there was a version called the Russian version, which actually contained the parameters of the Declaration, and although Armenia agreed to this version, Azerbaijan rejected it.

There is no Western version of the variant.

In fact, we are talking about the Armenian-Azerbaijani option," he said.