The female migrant worker Wu Shi switched to selling "poisoned coffee" and remitted 250,000 yuan back to Vietnam every month.

(provided by the police)

[Reporter Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung Report] On the 18th of this month, the Criminal Police Brigade of the Taichung City Police Department arrested Wu Shi, a Vietnamese female immigrant worker suspected of drug trafficking, and seized 57 packets of poisonous coffee. 30,000 yuan, she violated the Employment Service Law, went to karaoke shops to solicit customers and was suspected of drug trafficking. Through underground exchange and other channels, she remitted 250,000 Taiwan dollars back to Vietnam every month. Drinking" was transferred to the Taichung District Prosecutor's Office for investigation in accordance with the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act.

The Taichung City Police Department announced today (24th) that the police department is implementing the "Eighth Wave Anti-drug Project" nationwide. From the 6th to the 20th of this month, a total of 167 drug cases were seized against drug-related crimes organized by gangs and hidden in the community. In this case, 195 people were arrested and summoned. Among them, 115 people were suspected of manufacturing, selling and transporting. The prosecutor claimed to detain 41 people. The court ruled that 30 people were detained. There are 16 plants and as many as 4080 bags of drug coffee.

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On the 16th of this month, the First Investigative Team of the Criminal Police Brigade began to follow Wu, who was suspected of drug trafficking. Wu was originally an immigrant worker. He was arranged to Taiwan by an intermediary three and a half years ago. He used to work in an electronics factory in the Taichung Industrial Zone. A manufacturing mechanic with a monthly salary of less than 30,000 yuan, she may think that she earns too little money, so she goes to work as a "broker" in a karaoke shop (Vietnamese snack bar), introducing customers from her hometown to spend and drink.

The Luchuan and Liuchuan waterfront trails in the Central District of Taichung City gather many migrant workers during the holidays. The police followed up last Saturday (18th) and discovered that Wu was carrying poisoned coffee bags in plastic bags along the waterfront trails one by one. I had a brief conversation with the immigrant worker who was enjoying the scenery. I suspected that she was randomly selling drugs to migrant workers from her hometown during the holidays. She appeared and arrested her. The investigation showed that she may have been involved in drug trafficking for more than a year. She remitted 250,000 Taiwan dollars back to Vietnam every month and made a profit. Fearing more than 2 million Taiwan dollars, the whole case was transferred to the Central Procuratorate in accordance with the Drug Hazard Prevention Regulations.

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The police seized 57 packets of poisoned coffee.

(provided by the police)