The Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office prosecuted the man surnamed Liu on suspicion of fraud.

(Photo by reporter Zhou Minhong)

[Reporter Zhou Minhong/Taoyuan Report] In July last year, a man surnamed Liu in Taoyuan City fraudulently sold Jordan limited edition sneakers through communication software. After the buyer remitted 41,000 yuan, he did not ship and lost contact. Liu Nan was also suspected of buying expensive foreign wine Not giving money, selling wine for money but not shipping, and even finding a broadcast lady to drink but not paying more than 35,000 yuan and running away, now being prosecuted by the Taoyuan District Prosecutor's Office on suspicion of fraud.

On August 20th last year, Liu Nan (30 years old) went to a KTV in Taoyuan District alone, and found many broadcasters to accompany him to sing and drink. When the atmosphere in the box was high, he pretended to make a phone call and walked out of the box. When the unsuspecting broadcast girls found out, he had already run away, and he didn't pay the 9,897 yuan payable to KTV and the 25,500 yuan for the broadcast lady's seat fee.

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Liu Nan also cheated twice of expensive foreign wine from the liquor store. Prosecutors said that on May 8 last year, he asked a business surnamed Ke to send 5 bottles of foreign wine with a total price of about 32,500 yuan. He borrowed another 50,000 yuan and did not repay it; on July 30 of the same year, he asked the owner surnamed Lin to send 6 bottles of foreign wine with a total price of about 111,000 yuan, but he also did not pay half a dime.

Although Liu Nan cheated many bottles of expensive foreign wine, when Liu Nan sold wine through communication software, he only collected money and did not deliver the goods. The prosecution investigated. He received 93,000 yuan and another 114,200 yuan from another buyer, a man surnamed Zhao. In July of the same year, a man surnamed Lu delivered another 26,500 yuan to him, but from the beginning to the end, Liu Nan never sold any bottle The foreign wine is handed over to the buyer.

The prosecution pointed out that Liu Nan obtained a total of more than 500,000 yuan by unscrupulous means. The investigation was concluded today and he has been prosecuted on suspicion of fraud.