New Delhi:

The search for fugitive Khalistan supporter Amritpal Singh is going on for the last 7 days.

The police searched many CCTV footages, in which Amritpal is seen, but till now he has not been arrested.

Amritpal had fled to Haryana on March 19, Baljit Kaur's house where he stayed here, he is being arrested and interrogated.

Let us tell you the latest updates related to Amritpal Singh so far…

Important information related to the case:

  • Amritpal Singh reached Haryana on the morning of March 19 from the streets of the village by dodging the Punjab Police on the 18th.

    Here he stayed in Shahbad Haryana for the night.

    Baljit Kaur knew Pappalpreet for two and a half years.

    Baljeet Kaur knew that Amritpal is absconding, yet she gave shelter to Amritpal.

    CCTV footage of Kurukshetra Shahbad town of Haryana has come to the fore, in which Amritpal is seen carrying a black umbrella, behind which the police of several states are engaged.  

  • The Punjab Police, which is looking for Amritpal Singh, says that they have detained 207 people so far, out of which only 30 will be arrested.

    All others will be let off with a warning.

    The police have arrested some of Amritpal's associates and sent them to jail in Assam. 

  • NDTV spoke to Lakhwinder Singh, a rickshaw puller in whose rickshaw Amritpal and his associate Pappalpreet were sitting after the bike got punctured.

    Lakhwinder said that he could not recognize Amritpal because of the change in appearance.

    Lakhwinder Singh told that he gave his hand and said that where will the punctured one be found?

    I made him sit and took him to Mahatpur, five kilometers away.

    I could not recognize him. After landing, he gave me 100 rupees. 

  • If police sources are to be believed, Amritpal changed his appearance four times to reach Haryana from Punjab.

    This was the reason that he dodged the police.

    According to Punjab Police, Haryana is the last location of Amritpal. 

  • Amritpal's financier Daljit Kalsi made 18 trips to Thailand in 13 years (2007-2020).

    The reasons behind so many visits to Thailand need to be probed, whether he was involved in prostitution.

    When Amritpal was living in Dubai without following Sikh principles, he was living a lavish lifestyle.

  • Amritpal has been raising the issue of conversion of Sikhs to Christianity and crowd funding by missionaries.

    He had also made a controversial comment to degrade Jesus Christ, about which there was a lot of ruckus.

    Similar provocative speeches have also been given by Amritpal Singh against Hinduism. 

  • Sandeep Singh alias Sunny is an associate of Amritpal involved in Sudhir Suri's murder, his car had a WPD sticker on it.

    It is alleged that four days before the murder, Amritpal had incited him to commit the murder.

  • No one knew Amritpal in Punjab before the death of Deep Sidhu.

    For this reason, he did not talk openly about his past, because it could harm his image.

    Amritpal does not talk about his past life where he was non-amritdhari and did not follow Sikh religious tenets.

  • Amritpal is associated with drug dealer Jaswant Singh Rode in Dubai, whose brother is working from Pakistan.

    After coming to India, he and his organization have started working as a religious fundamentalist group, a complete contrast to his earlier persona, which clearly shows that he is wanted in India by forces hostile to Indian interest. has been applied.

  • Amritpal has his own version of Sikh orthodoxy.

    His version has nothing to do with the truth about Sikhism.

    Amritpal was roaming around in a luxurious Mercedes gifted by drug mafia Ravel Singh.