Egg shortages and pork prices soared to new highs in 40 years. Guo Zhenhui (right), who registered to participate in the Democratic Progressive Party's Tainan City First Constituency Legislative Primary Election, today proposed three arrows for the animal husbandry industry, hoping to save the domestic animal husbandry industry from the root cause.

(Photo by reporter Wang Hanping)

[Reporter Wang Hanping/Tainan Report] Recently, the egg shortage and the price of pork have soared to a 40-year high. Guo Zhenhui, who registered to participate in the Democratic Progressive Party’s Tainan City First Constituency Legislative Primary Election, today spoke out for the livestock industry, proposing the so-called three arrows for the livestock industry, It is hoped that the domestic animal husbandry industry can be rectified to ensure the needs of the people's livelihood.

Guo Zhenhui pointed out that the Council of Agriculture offered a variety of subsidies, but there is still no way to reverse the trend. The real reason is that the policy does not take into account the local conditions of the counties and cities. Only relying on subsidies and freezing prices does not have the right medicine and cannot connect to the local atmosphere.

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She said that the first arrow is to ask the central government to assist local governments to establish a "comprehensive upgrade fund for animal husbandry". Eggs from "The Great Kingdom" came to Taiwan to rescue the market, but the municipal and economic conditions of each county are different, and the central government has the power and funds, but it can't scratch it. It should help Tainan, Changhua, Yunlin, Pingtung, and Chiayi in China. The top ten counties and cities in the animal husbandry industry will establish a "Comprehensive Upgrade Fund for Animal Husbandry" based on the scale of the animal husbandry industry in the county and city, and provide support and preparation for the animal husbandry industry in the county and city for at least ten years in the future.

In addition, Guo Zhenhui suggested the establishment of "animal husbandry upgrade advisory groups" in counties and cities to diagnose nearby livestock farmers in various places, assist livestock farmers to propose plans to obtain various government resources, and further provide management consulting for the industry to solve the complicated write-off and write-off of various plans. In the auditing process, when necessary, it is necessary to provide cross-department, cross-bureau, cross-field coordination assistance and local communication for the industry.

Furthermore, Guo Zhenhui advocated that the counties and cities should increase the amount for the industry depending on the situation. When the industry has insufficient collateral for the loan, the fund can provide a full guarantee for the animal husbandry. The loan interest rate is close to 2%, and local upgrade funds can be flexibly dispatched to support high-quality industry investment and upgrade, and provide preferential loans with 0 interest rate.