Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida presented Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with a "Winning Rice Spoon". Akio Yaba analyzed the meaning behind it.

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[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida paid a lightning visit to Ukraine on the 21st. He went to the capital Kiev to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, and at the same time presented him with huge "victory rice spoons".

Japan's "Sankei Shimbun" Taipei branch chief Akio Yata has a special meaning behind this analysis. He believes that "Kishida hopes to boost the morale of Ukraine through rice spoons and eventually defeat the opponent."

Yaba Akio said that "rice scoop" is a famous product of Kishida's hometown Hiroshima Prefecture. It is a spoon made of wood or bamboo to hold rice.

Because the action of serving rice is called "メシとる" in Japanese, which is the same pronunciation as "enemy を calling し catching る" to capture the enemy alive on the battlefield.

During the Russo-Japanese War in 1905, many families of soldiers who went to war went to Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima to worship with rice spoons.

In the end, Japan won the war, and Hiroshima's "Must Victory Rice Spoon" became a well-known mascot.

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Akio Yabata pointed out that Kishida gave Zelensky a 50-centimeter-long "Perfect Rice Spoon" during his visit to Ukraine, which should have been considered after some consideration.

Because of money, weapons, food, etc., Japan and other countries have given Ukraine a lot, so the personal gift given this time needs to have a special meaning.

Yaba Akio believes that the origin of the winning rice spoon is the Russo-Japanese War, and this time Ukraine is facing the same opponent as Russia.

Kishida hopes to use the rice spoon to boost the morale of Ukraine and eventually defeat the opponent.

But I didn't expect that after the news of Kishida's gift of rice spoons to Zelensky was reported by the Japanese media, there were many criticisms on the Internet such as "no taste" and "unintelligible".

Yaba Akio mentioned that the opposition party also questioned Kishida in Congress. As the prime minister of a country with a peaceful constitution, he should pray for the early arrival of peace, not for one side in the war to win.

Some congressmen said that "sending the winning rice spoon to Ukraine means provoking Russia and may be detrimental to Japan." These are all nitpicking nonsense. It seems that the opposition parties all over the world seem to be similar.