New Taipei City Mayor Hou Youyi's involvement in the coordination of the first constituency of the New Taipei City Legislative Council is regarded as the latest move to participate in party affairs.

(Photo by reporter Weng Yuhuang)

[Reporter Weng Yuhuang/New Taipei Report] On the 23rd, New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi persuaded Chen Weijie, a councilor in New Taipei City who intends to run for the legislator in the first constituency, to quit. The current legislator Hong Mengkai continued to fight for re-election. Today, the media asked Hou Youyi about the difficult constituencies of the KMT in other counties and cities Will you help coordinate?

Hou Youyi responded, "I am willing to fight side by side with everyone."

Hou Youyi said that both Hong Mengkai and Chen Weijie in Tamsui District are excellent party members and representatives of the people. One plus one equals two. Together, we can achieve more things. Yesterday we discussed together how to make Tamsui, Bali and Sanzhi districts better in the future. Chen Weijie is willing to fight side by side with Hong Mengkai, and the municipal construction and social welfare can be more in place. Only the central legislators and local councilors and the city government can work together to let the people live a safe and good life.

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Hou Youyi, who is regarded as the strongest hen by the blue camp, is pressed by the media every day and asked about 2024. Today, the media asked Hou Youyi whether this intervention in the coordination meant that he was parting ways with Vice President and DPP Chairman Lai Qingde?

Now there is a public opinion ranking that thinks that Hou is ahead of Lai in terms of leadership, but is Lai ahead of Hou in terms of international outlook and financial expertise?

Hou Youyi responded that in the face of external voices, he will continue to work hard and do his job well. He will also strive to make international relations and economic industries flourish during the governance process of New Taipei City, a big city and small country. Thank you for your advice.

In addition, for former Kuomintang legislator Cai Zhengyuan's 12 legislative constituencies in New Taipei City, Hou Youyi has to launch at least 9 constituencies that can win. Is it difficult?

Will other difficult constituencies also help coordinate?

Hou Youyi said that as long as everyone is willing to work together and make the greatest contribution to the people of the country, all constituencies are very important. If each constituency can find good talents, this land will grow faster and the people will Peace of mind, stability and prosperity, "I am willing to fight side by side with everyone."