A man surnamed Yu spoofed the company's shareholders and left hundreds of property viewing information in the real estate brokerage company.

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[Reporter Huang Jialin/Kaohsiung Report] A man surnamed Yu and a man surnamed Hong partnered to do business, but they had a dispute over business issues. In order to play tricks on Hong Nan, Yu Nan reserved more than 100 rental properties on the real estate agency website, and then sent Hong Hong Nan's mobile phone number was left on the website, causing Hong Nan's mobile phone to be blown up by the real estate agent. Hong Bulu was called to the police. The judge sentenced Yu Nan to 3 months in prison for violating the personal information law and was fined by Yike.

The judgment pointed out that after Yu and Hong had a dispute over the management of the company, Yu Nan made an appointment on the website of a well-known real estate brokerage company at 12 o'clock in the morning on May 12 and 19 last year in response to the house sales webpage published by the real estate brokerage company. Register more than 100 house appreciation information, and fill in Hong Nan's phone number with the phone number of the person who made the reservation.

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After the real estate agent contacted Hong Nan based on the information stored on the website, Hong Nan was at a loss and did not know what happened. It was not until he answered hundreds of calls from the real estate agent that he realized that he had been spoofed and was so angry that he called the police. According to the IP address, it was found out that the registrant was Yu Nan. Yu Nan also confessed to the crime after arriving at the case, and was prosecuted by the prosecution for violating the Personal Information Act.

During the trial in the Kaohsiung District Court, the judge believed that Yu Nan used someone else's name and mobile phone number on the Internet to make an appointment to use the forged quasi-private document, causing Hong Nan to be harassed for no reason. However, after committing the crime, he failed to reconcile with Hong Nan. He was sentenced to 3 months in prison according to the law, and he was fined by Yi Ke, and he could appeal.