In Moscow, near the metro station with the eloquent name "Marxistskaya", a dramatic scene took place that illustrates the "class struggle" between a beggar and a street flower seller.

A stout man in a cassock, who held the icon firmly with both hands, drove away the "competitor" with a brutal kick.

The video from the scene was published in the Baza Telegram channel.

The man who was collecting donations behaved quite humbly until the grandmother with bouquets of flowers changed her location, coming too close to the beggar.

In such actions, he obviously saw a sign of unhealthy competition.

Since both hands were occupied with the icon, he chased the grandmother away with a sweeping kick.

The blow was quite noticeable, judging by the fact that after that petals fell from the flowers onto the asphalt.

The woman cried while addressing the witnesses, because she did not expect such aggression from the "man of God".

But, apparently, she forgave him, because she did not call the police to the scene.

We will remind you that the popular Russian blogger and family psychologist Satya Das, who conducts seminars on psychology and gives advice to married couples, hit a female visitor during a seminar in Veliky Novgorod.

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