The Kyiv city council approved the proposals of the expert commission and the public on renaming Dabralyubava Street in Pyachora district in honor of the Belarusian writer Uladimir Karatkevich.

This renaming was initiated last year by the Ukrainian writer and translator Vyacheslav Levitskyi, who studies the biography and works of Wladimir Karatkevich.

Later, this initiative was supported by the residents of the capital during a public vote.

Vyacheslav Levitskyi

"Karatkevich is an important figure for the city.

The cult Belarusian writer, stunned by the beauty of Kyiv since his youth, managed to depict the capital of Ukraine in an unimaginably subtle and original way.

We have few such enthusiastic urban planners," said Vyacheslav Levitsky, commenting on the decision of the Kyiv authorities.

The Ukrainian man of letters recalled that Wladimir Karatkevich graduated from Kyiv University and was friends with the Ukrainian Sixties.

"Finally, here, thanks to the atmosphere, he realized that Belarusian culture requires drive, uncompromisingness, historical plots, reflected in vivid characters and vicissitudes.

And what's most important: Karatkevich was able to forgive Kyiv's personal dramas, in particular, his broken academic career," he noted.

Vyacheslav Lyavitsky said that a small colorful street in Pyachorsk was named after Uladimir Karatkevich.

"Karatkevich himself called this area his favorite.

The author clearly described his impressions of the picturesque Teliachka (historical area in Kiev, industrial zone. — RS), where in the 1940s you could easily meet turtles.

The culminating events of "The Chestnut Leaf" take place in the same area, - said the Ukrainian researcher of Karatkevich's biography.

"Finally, there is one more important detail.

As Siarhei Snizhko, the son of a fellow student and a close friend of the writer, told me, the renamed street corresponds to Karatkevich's character - a man who did not like to walk straight and easy paths," noted Vyacheslav Lyavitsky.

The Ukrainian man of letters hopes that the appearance of such a toponym will "perhaps eliminate some of the misunderstandings between Ukrainians and Belarusians who oppose the dictatorship."

"I want this renaming to be a sign of respect and gratitude to the regiment named after Kastus Kalinowski, Belarusian partisans and all free-spirited Belarusians who find an opportunity to help Ukrainians.

But first of all, it must remind us: Kyiv is not the city of the "White Guard".

Kyiv is a city that awakens historical memory, despair and intellectual courage, as well as love for Ukraine. Dignity, as in the case of Karatkevich's heroes and the writer himself," emphasized Vyacheslav Levitsky.

The Ukrainian writer said that the appearance of Karatkevich Street in Kyiv was his biggest dream in recent years.

Since February 24, 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, including from the territory of Belarus, all streets in Ukraine, whose names were associated with Russia and Belarus, began to be renamed.

At the same time, monuments erected to Russian figures and writers began to be demolished in all cities of Ukraine.

The leadership of Belarus supported Russia's aggression against Ukraine and provided military infrastructure and airspace for the invasion of the Russian army and shelling of peaceful Ukrainian cities, which killed tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians.

At the same time, in several cities of Ukraine, local councils renamed streets in honor of Kastus Kalinovsky.