Budai County, Chiayi County and Magong Sea Blue Road, Penghu County resumed sailing today, led by the "Blue Magpie Ship".

(Photo by reporter Cai Zongxun)

[Reporter Cai Zongxun/Report from Chiayi] Budai County, Chiayi County, and Magong Sea Blue Road, Penghu County, which had been suspended for about half a year due to severe storms, resumed sailing today. The "Blue Magpie Ship" took the lead. It set sail with 370 passengers at 10:30 this morning, and it will arrive soon. There will be a rare event during the Qingming holiday. On the first day of the holiday, there will be 14 voyages to Penghu. The number of trips during the Qingming holiday exceeds 20,000 people, which is a good fortune for this year's Buhuo-Penghu route.

Zheng Junhua, Director of Budai Management of Taiwan Port Corporation, said that the Budai Penghu Blue Highway is mostly suspended after the National Day holiday, and will only restart at the end of March next year. Today, until the end of March, there are only two days without flights. On the first day, all regular passenger ships are fully booked, and overtime ships will be operated. There are currently 14 voyages booked, which is a good start for this year's voyage season.

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The Qingming holiday starts on April 1st, but some people can’t book tickets for the day, so they choose to take the ferry on March 31st one day earlier. There are two flights on the 31st with 511 passengers, and on April 1st there are 14 flights with 5932 passengers. There are 2585 people in 7 classes on the 2nd, and the return peak is on the 3rd and 4th, with 3438 and 3918 people respectively, and 2281 people returned to Hong Kong on the 5th. From March 31 to April 5, the cumulative number of people entering and leaving Budai Port 25,000 people.

On April 1st, due to the difficulty of finding one, the earliest overtime ship was "Mantianxing No. Magpie Wheel and Triumph 8 each made 3 voyages, and "Mantianxing 2", "Taji Star 2" and "Clouded Leopard" made two voyages each.

Tourists said that the 2023 Penghu Fireworks Festival will be held from April 20 to June 29, every Monday and Thursday at 9:00 p.m., at Guanyinting Park, Magong City, and the fireworks will be set off for 20 minutes. This year, the Penghu Fireworks Festival will be combined with Disney’s 100th anniversary celebration , with the theme of "One Hundred Years of Fantasy, Wonderful Eternity", it is expected to be wonderful, and it will drive tourism business opportunities on the sea routes of Bu Peng.

Chiayi County’s Budai and Penghu County’s Magong Sea Blue Road resumed service, and the shipping company set off firecrackers to celebrate (Provided by the Budai Management Office of Taiwan Port Corporation)