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A biased one-sided interpretation of history.

This is how Prof. Naum Kaichev defined the latest events in the Republic of North Macedonia in connection with the Bulgarian cultural center "Ivan Mihailov".

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Relations Bulgaria - Republic of Macedonia 936

"I don't see why the name of Ivan Mihailov or Tsar Boris the Third should provoke any negative feelings in North Macedonia," he said.

"It is about some historical issues that were going on at that time. We need to arrive at their joint interpretation through a calm discussion. Instead, we saw an extreme vote on a law on associations, which was obviously aimed against Bulgarian associations," added Associate Professor Kaichev.

"The case with our center in Bitola shows that the present and the recent past are closely connected," he believes.

"According to the decisions of the two governments, changes in old history textbooks must be adopted. The first steps have been taken, but they must be continued. In case of blocking, as in recent years, this does not lead to anything positive," he also said .

Externally, with a strong reaction after the elimination of the Bulgarian club in Bitola

On the occasion of the French proposal, he commented with the words: "I don't know if that is why our relations with the RSM have become worse.

It makes our demands towards North Macedonia not only Bulgarian, but already European demands."

Relations Bulgaria - Republic of Macedonia

Prof. Dr. Naum Kaichev