Zhang Suhua (second from left), director-general of the Fuli Township Farmers' Association, took out a bouquet and presented it to Jiang Dongcheng (middle), the deputy township. Zhang Suhua said that he was grateful to Jiang for letting Fuli see vitality and hope during this time, and would support Jiang's candidacy for the mayor.

(Photographed by reporter Hua Mengjing)

[Reporter Hua Mengjing/Hualien Report] Zhang Rongrong, a beautiful and political amateur, was elected as the mayor of Fuli Township last year, but she has not taken office. By-elections for vacancies will be completed within 3 months.

Immediately at the scene, some villagers took out red strips and flowers saying "Fuli needs Jiang Dongcheng" and persuaded Changjiang Dongcheng, the acting township, to run for the election.

According to Article 8 of the Oath Regulations, the Fuli Township Office held the second inauguration ceremony of Fuli Township Mayor. Zhang Rongrong was still not present due to three roll calls. Ming Liangzhen, director of civil affairs of Hualien County Government, said in an interview that Zhang Rongrong had been notified twice to take office Those who did not attend, as there are vacancies for fellow township chiefs, will send a letter to the Election Committee to complete the by-election within 3 months in accordance with Article 82 of the Local Institutional Law.

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Since the fan club originally supported Zhang Rongrong, Zhang could not be contacted after the election. Therefore, the local government has already responded. It is reported that the potential candidates include at least the former Fuli Township Mayor Chen Rongcong, the former representative chairman Zhong Qiumei, and the young political amateur Li Junwei. Among them, Chen Rongcong When asked by the media, he said that he was still considering it and had not yet made a final decision.

After confirming the imminent by-election, the inauguration ceremony also took place at the inauguration ceremony, where Jiang Dongcheng, the representative of the deputy township, held a meeting, including Zhang Suhua, the director-general of the Fuli Township Farmers Association, leading the supervisors and housekeeping team members, Ye Jiahong, the chairman of the representative meeting, and Zhong Qiumei, the former chairman of the representative meeting. "Jiang Dongcheng stays, Fuli needs Jiang Dongcheng" red cloth strips, shouting the slogan "Jiang Township Mayor, come on, we need you", and everyone was led by Mo Yan, an Amis singer from Fuli Township, singing the song "I Love Fuli, My Home" , Advise Jinjiang to choose the head of the township.

Zhang Suhua, director general of the Fuli Township Farmers Association, said that although Zhang Rongrong did not take office after being elected, it also proved that Fuli Township can be changed and opened up an opportunity for Fuli Township to transform. She believed that Jiang Dongcheng served as the acting township head because he loved Fuli and moved his household registration to Fuli He believed that Jiang Dongcheng was the best candidate to lead Fuli Township to continue to progress.

Faced with a large number of folks suddenly showing cloth strips and offering flowers, Jiang Dongcheng, who had previously been reluctant to let go of his candidacy, became embarrassed and smiled wryly, "Don't do this, I really don't know." Then he finally let go.

Regarding whether to run for the election, Jiang Dongcheng emphasized that "everything will go with the flow, and if the folks need it, I am willing to go all out for the folks in Fuli."

Jiang Shouwei, the former spokesperson of the disbanded "Zhang Rongrong Candidate Fuli Township Mayor Support Association", also appeared today to persuade Jiang to run for the election. Jiang Shouwei said that Jiang Dongcheng's agent will immediately solve various problems for Fuli Township, including the reconstruction after the earthquake, "do what you should do Yes, put yourself in the job position of the township head, not just put the title on you, and emphasize that as long as Jiang Dongcheng does not dislike Fuli Township, the villagers will support him in the election.

Regarding Zhang Rongrong's "farce" in the past six months, Jiang Shouwei also said that if the folks have anything to say to Zhang Rongrong, it is to ask her to study hard, and there is still a long life ahead.

The Fuli Township Office held the second inauguration of the mayor today. Since Zhang Rongrong has not yet arrived for the 3rd roll call, the county government also stated that it will complete the by-election for the vacancy within 3 months.

(file photo)

Ye Jiahong (right), chairman of the Fuli Township Representative Association, persuaded Changjiang Dongcheng (left), Fuli Township's deputy, to run for the election. At first, he only said that he would "consider it carefully", but later he finally let go and "go all out."

(Photographed by reporter Hua Mengjing)

The Fuli Township Office held the second swearing-in of the mayor today, but the elected Zhang Rongrong did not show up, and a by-election will definitely be held.

(Photographed by reporter Hua Mengjing)

It only took 1 minute for Fuli Township Mayor to complete 3 roll calls for his second inauguration, and the meeting was announced on the spot.

(Photographed by reporter Hua Mengjing)

Villagers in Fuli pulled red banners to hope that Jiang Dongcheng, the deputy township, would stay in Fuli to run for election. They also sang the song "I Love Fuli, My Home" to express their hearts.

(Photographed by reporter Hua Mengjing)

Fuli Township Deputy Township Changjiang Dongcheng Songkou today will register for the by-election of Fuli Township Mayor.

(Photographed by reporter Hua Mengjing)

The villagers in Fuli persuaded Changjiang Dongcheng (middle) to participate in the by-election for the vacancy, including Zhang Suhua, the director-general of the Fuli Township Farmers’ Association (second from the right in the front row), Ye Jiahong (the first from the right in the front row), chairman of the representative committee, officials of the farmers’ association, and villagers, who presented flowers and shouted come on.

(Photo by reporter Hua Mengjing)