Visit to Russia by Chinese President Xi Jinping

from Monday for 3 days to discuss the issue of the Ukrainian war

and guidelines for ending conflict in the 12-point peace plan proposed by China.

Ready to talk privately with Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Until it was seen as a stand against Western nations that are isolated from Russia or not?

The International Criminal Court (ICC) issued an arrest warrant for Putin.

on charges of forced evacuation of children

in Ukraine to Russia illegally

In addition, before Xi Jinping returned on Wednesday, March 22, 2023, he told Putin in a friendly manner that

Change is coming

This has never happened before in 100 years. Together we will drive this change.

and please take care of yourself my dear friend

The meeting between Xi Jinping and Putin appears to have made no progress.

On the way to peace in Ukraine

In addition to reinforcing the close relationship between the two countries

Xi Jinping asks Vladimir Putin to heal, dear friend

While Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan

which is on the opposite side of China and Russia

The visit also made a surprise trip to Kiev during Xi Jinping's second day visit to Russia to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

without prior notice

after the completion of the mission in India

to show solidarity

and steadfast support for Ukraine

as well as showing respect for the courage and perseverance of the Ukrainian people in defending their homeland.

Mr. Kishida's visit to Kiev

Around the same time as Xi Jinping was visiting Moscow

Is it a sign of a deepening conflict between China and Japan and the two countries in Northeast Asia?

But they have different stances on the war in Ukraine.

Japan announced an unchanging pledge to help Ukraine.

China is still the only country that has declared its support for our dear friend Putin.

and has always avoided condemning Russia for its aggression against Ukraine.

China clearly joins hands with Putin

staring at overthrow the United States

Russian and Ukrainian war

should not end easily

and may escalate further

Especially Xi Jinping's visit to Russia may have a background behind it.

So what is the joint drive for change between Russia and China?

Through the analysis of "Prof. Emeritus Dr. Chaiwat Khamchoo" academics in political science

In the field of international relations, it was seen that before that, Xi Jinping had spoken at a meeting of the National People's Congress of China.

It seems that China is blocked by the West, led by the United States, which poses a huge challenge to China.

While Putin's basic ideas challenge the world order

and when the Ukrainian war

In fact, Xi Jinping indirectly supported Putin.

When deciphering the words that will drive change together

However, Xi Jinping has made a clear example of joining forces with Russia.

In the fight against the US-led world order, it is understandable both in terms of technology that the US

China is wary of stealing US secrets.

Like the case of TikTok and in terms of Xi Jinping, the United States

is inhibiting China's growth, views the United States as a competitor, and vows to make China return as a great power.

In which the competition, in the end, China has to beat the western countries.

Xi Jinping visits Russia and talks privately with Vladimir Putin

“The more China's third term as president, the more confident he is and showing that he can compete with the United States.

But when the Ukrainian war

must support Russia not to slip up

with the aim to compete with the United States

no other choice

must be jointly with Russia only

But the reality in China

There are criticisms that Xi Jinping is different from Deng Xiaoping, making China prosper.

because of the wide openness of the country to the West

which China has to buy time

does not show his own rattling

It seems to have to hide first, but Xi Jinping has a different approach, unlike Deng Xiaoping, does not want to face the West.

Because if confronted, there will always be problems.”

Xi Jinping's talks with Putin are like entrusting the future to Russia while Russia is being isolated.

until being criticized in China as well

China and Russia have the same goal, which is to change the world order, not to let the United States lead but to adhere to the United Nations Charter, and more than 100 nations condemn Russia for aggression against Ukraine.

What does it mean to create a new world order?

Whether or not the US will lead is unclear.

Shining the real Chinese

gain more than peace

Although China portrays peacekeeping

as a mediator like in the past

that used to bring peace to the Middle East war

Finally, Iran and Saudi Arabia were able to restore relations again.

and has a positive effect on China

But the Ukrainian war was a war of aggression.

and the 12-point peace plan proposed by China.

not concrete

Just the first point is not able to adhere to justice. It affects the image of China.

does not really care about peace

“Before Xi Jinping went to Russia.

No one expected the result.

Finally, it was a discussion on strategic cooperation.

And I don't know what the secret conversation is or what the Russians are asking from China.

while the economy

China already has cheap energy prices.

As for the construction of a gas pipeline to China, it is still a long-term matter.

make the point to be mutually beneficial

not as a partner

but as a partner

It's not even helping to protect Russia.

But for his own benefit, as Xi Jinping said, all this is for China's benefit.

Therefore, there must be good relations with Russia.”

On this issue, Russian scholars have criticized that since the imperial era.

China used to take Russian territory.

But now there are corresponding benefits.

Make China's 12-point peace plan difficult to move forward.

And Putin speaks in diplomatic language.

In the end, China did not announce any of the 12 proposals, while Russia said it was ready to negotiate peace.

but claimed that Ukraine was not ready

And the ceasefire plan to negotiate peace was not possible.

could set Russia up

China has yet to speak with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Because if you really want to be a mediator, you have to talk to both parties.

Fumio Kishida Prime Minister of Japan

Surprise trip to Kiev during Xi Jinping's visit to Russia

The Russo-Ukrainian War was very difficult to end, as both sides did not agree with each other.

when unable to talk

make China lose its image

as if it had no effect

And Xi Jinping's visit to Russia came as no surprise.

Because China can't make peace anyway.

but trying to create an image of himself as a peace lover

And China has never condemned Russia.

does not demand compliance with the United Nations Charter

because I don't think to do it

made me unable to understand what China wanted

or want to create an image

or a neutral pro-Russian

While Fumio Kishida, Prime Minister of Japan

visit ukraine

Has shown that it fully cooperates with western nations.

associated with our region

both about Taiwan

on the East China Sea dispute with China

where everything is connected

However, Xi Jinping risks being unreliable.

And it's more about the interests of China.

Especially the Silk Road policy.

It became more of a float than a principle.

The Russo-Ukrainian War is difficult to end, both sides do not agree with each other.

“China visits Russia.

will make more Western nations come to Ukraine

until the Russian-Ukrainian war does not seem to end in any way

because the parties did not agree with each other

making the war difficult to end

If Ukraine receives continuous support in various matters, or if the Russian arms arsenal gradually dwindles until it has no influence

How to find a way down

and China would not directly assist

except for military equipment

not lethal weapon

But it is an important ingredient in making weapons.

I thought China wouldn't be that brave.”

All in all, the Russian-Ukrainian war will never end.

It depends on how many parties will endure it for how long.

until success

However, the war in this world has an end date.

but don't know when

And the Russian-Ukrainian war will be difficult to end.

The Ukrainian side had to maintain its independence as a victim of aggression from Russia's actions.

more than many

country will be accepted.