Chen Jizhong, chairman of the Council of Agriculture, said that egg washing will be promoted in an all-round way.

(Photographed by reporter Yang Yuanting)

[Reporter Yang Yuanting/Taipei Report] It is difficult to cut off the transmission chain of bird flu in eggs in Taiwan, and the epidemic has also caused a shortage of egg supply. Experts pointed out that the reason for the spread of the epidemic lies in the plastic egg cartons containing eggs. It is recommended that they should be fully washed and sorted by the Council of Agriculture. Egg farmers set up washing and sorting yards to make plastic egg boxes washable, change the current situation where egg boxes are not washed and travel around various laying hen farms, and solve the problem of mixed breeding of old, middle-aged and young in laying hen farms, said Chen Jizhong, chairman of the Agricultural Committee , if everyone agrees, the baptism will be promoted in an all-round way.

The Council of Agriculture invited experts to discuss bird flu prevention. Xu Zhenzhong, an honorary professor of the Department of Animal Science of Chung Hsing University, said that domestic egg shortage is absolutely related to H5N1 highly pathogenic bird flu. The chicken farms are densely distributed, and they are all traditional open chicken farms. There are no biosafety control measures at all, and many chicken farms are close to the road, and there is no control on people and vehicles. Eggs are supplied to egg merchants throughout the year, so it is impossible to import and export all the time. The old, middle-aged and young are mixed in the laying hen farm. It is difficult to increase the egg production rate, and it is also difficult to cut off the chain of disease transmission. In addition, Taiwanese eggs are packed in plastic baskets. Transportation, after these plastic baskets travel around the world, it is more difficult to cut the chain of transmission.

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Xu Zhenzhong said that the washing and sorting center should be established as soon as possible, and also pointed out that there are currently many business owners setting up washing and sorting centers. If the Agricultural Committee does not promote the establishment of the washing and sorting center now, it means that the decision-making power for future egg prices will only be transferred from the egg merchants to the enterprises. Lord, it is suggested that egg farmers should be encouraged to set up a production and marketing team to invest in washing farms. The plastic baskets can be sterilized after arriving at the washing farms, and the eggs leaving the washing farms should be packaged in disposable packaging. The Council of Agriculture should propose a counseling and rewarding mechanism.

Xu Zhenzhong pointed out that the current animal husbandry regulations do not stipulate that a certain distance should be set between waterfowl farms and terrestrial poultry farms. He said that many waterfowl farms are close to chicken coops, which often leads to some closed chickens that have already taken biosafety control measures. She is also infected with the epidemic, and it is suggested that the regulations should be adjusted appropriately.

Chen Jizhong responded that egg farmers have always hoped to solve the problem of mixed breeding of old, middle-aged and young laying hens, and the only solution is indeed a comprehensive selection. He said that if everyone agrees, the Council of Agriculture It will comprehensively promote egg washing and sorting, and also said that the amount of domestic washing and sorting eggs is absolutely sufficient. The Council of Agriculture will propose relevant practices, and will also allow measures to take care of small farmers, and said that the discussion will be completed within one month, and Started.