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The high inflation in our country also affected the prices of cosmetic products. 

"The increase in the price of products started as a result of the pandemic, then the military actions that were taken in 2022. The supply line was disrupted, which affected the frequency of delivery of raw materials, as well as their value. It was not only inflation that affected pricing. " said Gergana Andreeva from the Bulgarian National Association of Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics in Bulgaria Morning.

"Cosmetic products are part of personal care and human health. The first requirement in the cosmetic product regulation is safety for human health. To meet this condition, it must be made with quality raw materials and be able to fulfill the primary function, and exactly what is written on its label", stressed Andreeva.

When asked if the demand for cosmetic products has decreased, she answered that it is more about the reorientation of some consumers to other products of the same category.

"Inflation limits the purchasing value of each consumer. With the same money, you can buy fewer products for your consumption. Alternatives are sought, but when a household takes care of its hygiene, safe products are sought," said the interlocutor of Bulgaria ON AIR.

Regarding the difficulties in the sector, Andreeva commented that they are of any nature in fast moving goods.

"The main challenge has always been the high competition, and the life cycle of the product is very short. The consumer demands more and more added value to a cosmetic product, correspondingly the time of use is shortened, the products must have many functions, to be different, more competitive, more interesting," she said.

"The costs are formed from the raw materials, from the materials, from the packaging, from the services that are used in order to be able to compensate the percentage, so in fact they are aimed at preserving the quality human resource", Andreeva explained.

According to her, more than 150 enterprises deal with cosmetic products throughout the country, and more than 13 thousand people are employed in the sector.

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