National Highway No. 7 is officially finalized and is expected to be completed and open to traffic in 2030.

(Provided by Gaoshi Transportation Bureau)

[Reporter Huang Jialin/Kaohsiung Report] National Highway No. 7 was officially approved by the Executive Yuan. The Kaohsiung Municipal Government is grateful for the support of the central government. In the future, this north-south expressway will provide Kaohsiung Port with convenient connections to the intercontinental container center, increase the competitiveness of Kaohsiung Port, and better Promote road traffic safety in urban areas, so that small passenger cars can be effectively diverted from large trucks, reducing driving risks.

After 15 years of promotion and 10 years of EIA procedures, National Highway No. 7 passed the EIA review last year, was approved by the National Development Commission last month, and was approved by the central government on the 23rd. Along the foothills on the east side of Kaohsiung, pass through Linyuan, Xiaogang, Daliao, Fengshan, Niaosong, Renwu and other districts. In the future, Gaoping 2 will be able to transfer to National 1. It is expected that the urban area of ​​National 1 will be reduced after the opening of traffic. About 24% of the traffic volume on the congested road section will reduce the traffic volume on the currently congested road section of National 10 (Renwu-Dingjin System) by about 29%, and the current most bottleneck section of Taiwan Line 88 (Wujia-Fengshan) will also reduce the traffic volume by about 30% .

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Mayor Chen Qimai said that National 7 is a major construction that is related to the traffic safety of citizens and the cargo capacity of the port area. It takes into account both transportation and economic development. He is grateful for the support of the central government and the active efforts of civil servants. The most important work interface must be integrated with each other, such as Container truck lanes, MRT Xiaogang Linyuan Line, Gaoping 2 Express, and the southward extension of the high-speed rail to Pingtung and other major transportation constructions, and began to carry out route design, urban planning changes, land acquisition and other operations.

Zhang Shujuan, director of Gaoshi Transportation Bureau, said that the interface coordination meeting with the central government has already started. The transportation bureau will play a good role in communication and coordination between the central and local governments, so that the construction period can go smoothly. In the future, it will continue to discuss with the central government how to make good use of smart transportation Systematic means, the route is from Xiaogang Nanxing Road all the way north to National 10 Renwu; the project is currently expected to start in 2025 and be completed in 2030. The construction will be divided into bids and opened to traffic in stages, bringing new changes to Kaohsiung's traffic environment.