"Chuvit" reveals that there is a process of self-destruction and children

No need to answer

Who is the police general involved in online gambling gangs? Challenge "Lawyer Tam" to file a complaint or file a lawsuit with "Lawyer Ananchai" to prosecute.

from the case of "Attorney Tam-Sitra

Birth Allowances" opened the battle to show a large pile of money collapsed "Chuvit Kamolwisit" exposed to plow and receive money from online gambling business groups, both "Inspector Sua-Tanthai", tens of millions of baht

Including digital money worth more than 50 million baht into the accounts of close people.

Why did you come to stab at this moment?

Accept that there is actually gray money.

But donated to various hospitals and not angry, willing to join if wanting to expose corruption in the electric train project

until later

The Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Mahidol University announced the return of the donation of 3 million baht after having information linking the illegal business.

Progress at noon on March 24, 2023 at Soi Choei Phuang, opposite Chatuchak Park, Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit went to the area to campaign against free marijuana.

Among the villagers and many fans waiting to welcome

At some point, Mr. Chuwit

Mentioned in the case of lawyer Tam-Sitra Biabangkerd exposing allegations of receiving money from online gambling sites and illegal businesses, stating that there is currently a process to destroy myself and my child.

Reporters ask if "Lawyer Tam" opens a portrait of "Inspector Sua" bringing money to the hotel for the first time last year.

There are 2 general-level police officers ready to demand that the truth be revealed to the public who they are. Mr. Chuwit replied that I didn't have to answer.

No need to extend the length of the stretch. If it's true, it's recommended that lawyer Tam go to report or file a lawsuit.

me and lawyer tom

It's different for each model.

Ready to remark why Lawyer Tam just came out now

As for the case, the hospital prepares to refund the donation.

He was preparing to bring the money to give to Big Den, Pol. Gen. Damrongsak.

Kittipraphat, Commissioner of Police, stressed where I laundered money.

I took the money to the hospital.

In addition, he assigned Lawyer Peak (Attorney Ananchai Chaiidet) to prosecute Lawyer Tum. 

At some point, Mr. Chuwit said, "Don't call me a hero, I'm a thief, call me a thief."

This country needs people like me to defeat thieves.

I want to be a great thief.