In Zhutang Township, many luxury houses have appeared in recent years, and the local people call them "Dandan Houses".

(Photo by reporter Yan Hongjun)

[Reporter Yan Hongjun/Changhua Report] The price of eggs has hit a new high, and the value of chicken farmers has also risen. A farm with 40,000 laying hens has a daily income of more than 100,000 yuan, and egg farmers are making money every day. "Layers are like printing money chickens ( machine)”, but an egg farmer in Zhutang Township, Changhua County lamented, “Even if the income is good, his children still don’t want to take over!”

The egg farmer said that the luxury housing area opposite the Zhutang Township Office is called "Dandan House", and many of them were bought by egg farmers. The Tutianjiao in this area is more expensive than the other, and each building is more luxurious than the last. , from 70 to 8 million yuan for a building 5 years ago, to 12 million yuan for a building 3 years ago, and now the asking price for a building is nearly 20 million yuan.

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The egg farmer said that there is "unspeakable bitterness" in building a luxury house in a remote area, because the children reject raising chickens and do not want to take over. I only hope that my children will live comfortably and decently in the countryside, and be a "second generation of eggs" who come and go with style.

He emphasized that building luxury houses in the countryside is indeed "violent", but they have no intention of showing off their wealth, let alone "land speculation". If they really want to "invest in real estate and make a lot of money", he can go to Yuanlin and Taichung to talk to others For real estate speculation, they want to keep their roots in the bamboo pond, but their children don't want to be the "second generation of eggs" and don't want to sit and wait for "coins" (NT dollars). Buying a luxury house for succession is just one of the methods.

A local resident said that the reason for their children’s reluctance to take over is that the egg farmers are raised in “grid cages”, that is, “grass coops”. The dilapidated chicken coop, the stench, chicken excrement, endless chicken carcasses, the egg farmers earn a lot of money, and the residents suffer the consequences. Everyone dare not speak out. raising livestock", there is something in the words.

However, one egg farmer retorted that he also wanted to phase out the "grass hut chicken coop". The water curtain chicken coop cost 60 million yuan (excluding land) in terms of hardware and hardware. Money is not a problem. The chicken coop built on land was listed as a "disgusting facility" to protest, and they didn't know that the "water curtain environmental control chicken coop" was very hygienic.

The chicken farmer lives in a mansion, the chickens only live in a grass hut, and the chickens lay eggs in a hen hut full of chicken droppings.

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