New Taipei City Councilor Liu Zhezhang of the Kuomintang will register to participate in the primary nomination of the party's legislators in the afternoon, challenging the incumbent Luo Mingcai.

(Screenshot from the New Taipei City Council website)

[Reporter He Yuhua/New Taipei Report] The first phase of registration for the KMT’s New Taipei City Legislative Committee ends today (24th). The 11th constituency (Xindian, Shiding, Shenkeng, Pinglin, Wulai) except the current legislator Luo Mingcai completed the registration. New Taipei City Councilor Liu Zhezhang announced today that he will register for the primary election in the afternoon, hoping that the Kuomintang will have a benefit of 1+1 greater than 2 in the Dawenshan area, and also give young people a chance to take over.

Liu Zhezhang said that the Kuomintang can no longer think that Xindian is a blue army vote area and ignore the trend of vote loss. Seeing that Zhonghe and Banqiao have been taken away by the DPP, the Kuomintang should think about letting young people take over. Luo Ming is a veteran As a legislator, if he has the opportunity, he can strive to switch to non-regional. He is running for the regional legislator, and the two of them will play a role of 1+1 greater than 2 together.

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Liu Zhezhang said that he has been thinking for a long time, and the materials were prepared 4 years ago. This time, after communicating with his family and getting support, he decided to register for the primary election and strive to represent the KMT to run for the legislature. He emphasized that he would respect the results of the primary election , everyone "unity and common good, young people take over, and Congress is replaced with new blood."