The traffic car of the nursing center collided with the Mercedes-Benz, and the six grandmas in the traffic car fell into a ball. Fortunately, they were only slightly injured. The police clarified the situation on the spot.

(Courtesy of Fire Department)

[Reporter Tang Shiming/Changhua Report] Hit!

At an intersection in Section 7 of Zhanglu Road, Fuxing Township, Changhua County, a car from a care center collided with a Mercedes-Benz car today. Six elderly grandmas in the car fell into a ball, and there was constant wailing at the scene. According to reports, the Fire Department dispatched personnel to the scene and sent 6 injured people to the hospital for treatment. Fortunately, all of them had bruises on their hands, feet or faces and were not life-threatening. The cause of the accident and the responsibility for the accident are still being clarified by the police.

The Changhua County Fire Department received a report from the public at around 8:00 this morning, stating that at the intersection of No. 2, Lane 205, Lane 204, Section 7, Zhanglu Road, Fuxing Township, a day care center traffic vehicle and a black Mercedes had a traffic accident , there were 6 grandmas on the car of the nursing center, all of them were injured.

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The Fire Department dispatched a total of 8 firefighters from the Lukang, Fuxing and Luming fire brigades, and dispatched 4 ambulances to the scene. Among the 6 grandmothers who were evaluated for vital signs, the oldest was 91 years old, and the youngest was 67 years old. 6 years old and 6 people suffered abrasions on their hands, feet, face or chest respectively, all of them were conscious, and after the ambulance personnel gave appropriate first aid treatment, they were sent to the hospital for treatment, and none of them were life-threatening.

Neither the driver of the traffic vehicle nor the driver of the Mercedes was sent to the hospital.

The traffic car of the care center collided with the Mercedes at the intersection, causing minor injuries to 6 grandmas in the traffic car and damage to both cars.

(Courtesy of Fire Department)