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The Republic of Srpska will adopt a law in the coming months that will ban the access of members of LGBTI organizations to kindergartens, schools and faculties.

This was announced by the president of the Bosnian Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, in an interview with TV K3, quoted by regional TV En1, BTA reported.

"The Republika Srpska will pass a law in the next few months that will ban the access of members of LGBTI organizations to educational institutions.

This means kindergartens, schools, faculties - they will not be able to work, they will not be able to approach them, they will not be able to propagate," said Dodik and expressed the opinion that he has every right to introduce such a law.

He was commenting on events last Saturday, when human rights activists in the Republika Srpska capital Banja Luka were attacked, hours after police banned an LGBTI community event over the weekend, citing security concerns.

"I received at least 15 letters from different associations that deal with tradition and that deal with education that this is bothering them.

This is the freedom of every person, I do not argue about it, for everyone to do what they want, but not to come to me," said Dodik.

He stressed that members of the LGBTI community do not think they have threatened the "majority that preserves traditional values".

President Dodik has recently been proposing controversial laws that are being passed in the parliament of the Republika Srpska of Bosnia and Herzegovina and which have been labeled as "the wrong direction" by the international community.

One of them is the draft amendment to the Penal Code introduced yesterday, insisting on the criminalization of defamation.

Journalists staged a protest last week against the project, insisting that the change restricts free speech.

The upper house of the Russian parliament unanimously voted to ban LGBT-related propaganda