Lego bricks present the Baxian Mountain Forest Farm during the Japanese occupation period.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

[Reporter Zhang Xuanzhe/Taichung Report] The Baxian Mountain Forest Recreation Area Visitor Center has undergone half a year of renovation and construction, and today it officially opens to welcome visitors with a new look.

The forestry history area invites Mr. Dai Legao, a Lego building block expert, to restore the old photo scenes of the forest farms during the Japanese colonial era, and to create models such as the Volunteer Cableway, allowing tourists to re-outline the situation of timber transportation in the past in a childlike way, entertaining and entertaining.

Based on the natural ecology, forestry history and tourism resources of Baxian Mountain, the Baxian Mountain Visitor Center reinterpreted seven display themes through design, combined with the design of domestic wood and bamboo, allowing nature lovers to enjoy an immersive mountain forest experience in the visitor center.

Baxian Mountain is the only national forest recreation area with bamboo forests in China. Dongshi Forest Management Office invited Yuantai Bamboo Arts Club to make bamboo weaving art installations. It took two months and more than 27,000 bamboo sticks were used. Planting bamboo weaving techniques, the service counters on the first and second floors, the seats in the rest area, and the surrounding structures of the central rest area are presented in the form of mountains and mountains, creating a space lingering with bamboo charm. Visitors can not only appreciate the exquisite artistic creation, but also You can feel the unique charm of Baxian Mountain.

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The Dongshi Forestry Management Office pointed out that in addition to the rich display content, tourists can also purchase selected souvenirs with the concept of sustainable forests at the visitor center to continue the travel memories of Baxian Mountain. At present, a number of sustainable forests and regionally limited products have been launched, including The soil cinnamon series products developed by Dongshi Forestry Management Office, Baxianshan Forest Scented Candles and Guguan Wuyepine Tea Bag Gift Box jointly named with Yuantai Bamboo Art Society allow tourists to experience the charm of nature, local culture and culture of Baxianshan up close. Beautiful scenery, become a practitioner of sustainable green life.

The Baxian Mountain Forest Recreation Area Visitor Center has undergone half a year of renovation and installation, and is designed with bamboo.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)

The renovation of the Visitor Center of Baxianshan Forest Recreation Area opened.

(Photo by reporter Zhang Xuanzhe)