The security service exposed a pro-Russian agitator in 



She cheered for the "liberation of territories occupied by neo-Nazis" and campaigned on the banned Odnoklassniki social network.

This is reported by the Main Directorate of the SBU of Prykarpattia.

The propagandist turned out to be a resident of the regional center born in 1960.

The traitor is a doctor by profession.

In her posts on the Internet, she positioned the Russian war as a war of liberation.

Instead, she accused the state and Western partners of "military actions against the civilian population."

The anti-Ukrainian campaigner considered the killing of Ukrainian defenders by the Russians and Kadyrov's promise to "burn the devils" to be "cool".

She was loyal to the "Wagner" group, and also admired the terrorists Zakharchenko and Pavlov.

During the search, the suspect tried to destroy her phone with evidence.

SBU investigators have gathered enough evidence of illegal information activities in the Carpathian region.

The SBU notified the woman of the suspicion under the article of justification, recognition as legitimate, denial of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, glorification of its participants.

We will remind you that in Kalush, in the Carpathian region,

the court prosecuted a 26-year-old local resident

who slandered National Guard employees.

The case is classified as petty hooliganism.

The court fined the violator and charged UAH 536.80 in court fees.

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