At the intersection of North Road and Douliu 2nd Road in Douliu Town, an accident occurred this morning when a combined vehicle collided with a bicycle. Two women in their 70s who shared the bicycle died of their injuries.

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[Reporter Huang Shuli/Yunlin Report] A major car accident occurred in Douliu City, Yunlin, at around 10:00 this morning. When a connected vehicle was about to turn right, it hit a bicycle and was dragged for several meters. The bicycle was seriously distorted and deformed. The two women in their 70s who were riding the bicycle were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, but they still died of serious injuries.

The accident happened at the intersection of Douliu Shizhen North Road and Doulius 2nd Road. The combined vehicle was driving along Zhenbei Road. When arriving at the accident site, it had to turn right to Douliu 2nd Road, and hit a car shared by two women aged 70 and 75. Bicycles, 2 elderly women dragged along with a car stuck under the hitch truck. Items were scattered all over the scene, and the bicycles were twisted and deformed.

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It is pointed out that the linked vehicle was going from Kaohsiung to Douliu Industrial Zone to load goods. When passing the intersection, slow down and turn right with the turn signal. I didn't see the bicycle at all. I was surprised to hear the sound and hit something. The whole case is now under investigation by the Douliu police. Branch processing.