Keelung City announced that 76 arcades are open to park cars, but a 1.3-meter space is required for pedestrians to pass.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)

[Reporter Lu Xianxiu/Report from Keelung] There are insufficient parking spaces in Keelung City, especially for motorcycles. Random parking in arcades affects traffic, causing parking and law enforcement disputes among citizens.

The Keelung City Government announced that there are 76 arcades in the city that allow legal parking, but a space of 1.3 meters must be reserved for pedestrians to walk.

The Municipal Transportation Department, the Police Department, the Public Works Department and other units formed the "Keelung Arcade GO Parking" task force. After collecting relevant cases in various counties and cities, the arcades were opened to legal parking according to law, reducing citizens' opposition to parking, passing, and city government law enforcement. .

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The traffic department and the police station said that in the past, there were frequent complaints from the public that motorcycles were parked in arcades, resulting in constant public complaints and law enforcement disputes. As long as it does not affect traffic, the official list of items announced the opening of arcades to park vehicles.

According to Article 90-3, Item 1 of the Road Traffic Management Punishment Regulations, Keelung City has the conditions to standardize the way motorcycles are parked. At the same time, it also requires that the pedestrian space should be kept at least 1.3 meters after parking, and the vehicles must be perpendicular to the road.

The bustling commercial areas around Miaokou, such as Aisan Road, have not opened arcades to park motorcycles.

The Department of Transportation pointed out that the arcades were open to motorcycle parking on a trial basis. The first wave of announcements included 76 locations in the city, including 15 locations in Renai District, 28 locations in Zhongzheng District, 10 locations in Xinyi District, 5 locations in Qidu District, 5 locations in Nuannuan District, and 5 locations in Anle District. 8 places in the district and 5 places in Zhongshan District. After a week of observation, the relevant units will continue to review and gradually adjust in traffic hot spots.

Since parking spaces have been set up on some relatively spacious sidewalks in the urban area, motorcycles are encouraged to exit the arcade, and some stores set up iron frames on the arcade to prevent motorcycles from parking. The city government stated that if there are obstacles in the arcade in the announcement area, they will be removed.

However, the city government will not mark parking spaces in the arcades in principle. People should check online which arcades are open for parking.

Keelung City announced that 76 arcades are open to park cars, but a 1.3-meter space is required for pedestrians to pass.

(Photo by reporter Lu Xianxiu)