Farooq Abdullah accuses BJP of using Lord Ram's name only for votes


Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister and National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah, while targeting BJP, has accused this party of using Lord Ram's name only for votes.

He said that Lord Ram is everyone's God.

Farooq expressed these views while addressing a rally at Garnai in Udhampur district on the foundation day of the Jammu-Kashmir National Panthers Party. 

Referring to the elections, Abdullah said at the rally, "Exams (elections) are coming soon, and a huge amount of money will be spent here."

Our mothers and daughters will be repeatedly told about the temple.

It is also possible that they (BJP) will inaugurate the Ram temple on that day itself." He said, "This will be done so that people forget about rising inflation and unemployment and think that only they (BJP) are devotees of Ram. Farooq further said that Lord Ram is everyone's God. He accused the BJP of 'selling' Lord Ram for personal interests.

The National Conference leader said, "I want to tell you that Lord Ram is not the God of Hindus only. This thing should be removed from the mind. Lord Ram is the God of all, Muslims, Christians and others. Similarly, Allah is the God of all." God is there, not only for Muslims. A famous writer from Pakistan, who passed away recently, wrote that Ram was sent by Allah to show people the right path. So those who say that we are only devotees of Ram , they are fools. They only want to 'sell' Ram, they have no attachment to him, they have only attachment to power."

The former Union Minister further said, "That's why I want to urge the mothers and daughters that we have to end the seeds of hatred that are being sown. She was seen collecting oil from these lamps."

While voting, he urged the people to keep in mind the freedom fighters who fought for the freedom of the country.

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