"Attorney Tam-Sitra

Birth Allowances" opened the battle to show a large pile of money collapsed "Chuvit Kamolwisit" exposed to plow and receive money from online gambling business groups, both "Inspector Sua-Tanthai", tens of millions of baht

Including digital money worth more than 50 million baht into the accounts of close people


Why did you come to stab at this moment?

Accept that there is actually gray money.

but already donated to various hospitals

Not angry, willing to join if wanting to expose corruption in the electric train project

At Sitra Law Firm, at 10:00 a.m. on March 23, Lawyer Tam-Sitra Bia Bangkerd opened a press conference in the case of posting pictures on Facebook as stacks of banknotes in Paper bags with the message "Explode, Plow, Go" until someone criticizes

Criticism is widespread that

Before he came out this time, Mr. Chuwit Kamolwisit was considered an idol that he had always followed.

Including someone confirming that Mr. Chuwit is someone that money can't buy.

Subsequently received information from several lines, 1 of which was Mr. Chuwit's nephew.

Until having to decide to unfold to create clarity

truthfulness for society to recognize

But then he came out and admitted himself because he surrendered to the evidence that he received 6 million baht from Inspector Sua.

related to real online gambling websites

The aforementioned money picture is a picture from the year 2012 that has been paid 2-3 times and still has money from the network again, 10 million baht per time.

Mr. Sitra further said that

In addition, some television programs also mention a non-official police officer as a 35-year-old student who is close to Mr. Chuvit, coordinating various matters. Information from insiders also confirms.

Mr. Chuwit has a heart box.

Is a person who does the e-cigarette business with marijuana as a right hand

This heart box is the person who takes Inspector Sua

A senior policeman and the owner of a gambling site meet Mr. Chuwit at the Davis Hotel to discuss money.

“I would like to leave a question to Mr. Chuvit who posted on Facebook to Mr. Tanthai Narongkul, the owner of an online gambling website.

After that, Mr. Tantai was never mentioned again, why?

Because this heart box takes you

Did Tanthai meet on Chinese New Year?

I'm preparing to file a complaint with the police to check the digital currency worth more than 50 million baht that has been deposited into this heart box account.

This money is donated to hospitals and others.

I also confirm that I have not received money from online gambling sites.

Because I don't associate with this group of people.

Prepare yourself for what will happen to me.

That came out to reveal was because of disappointment in Mr. Chuwit, being one of the 3 people I had previously announced that there would be no problems.

I was not personally angry with Mr. Chuwit.

But I don't want an imitation that comes out to unfold and go back to claim benefits by silence, ”said Sitra.

On the other side of The Davis Hotel, at noon on the same day, Mr. Chuvit Kamolwisit opened a statement in response to the case of lawyer Tam-Sitra Biakerd accused him of collecting money from an online gambling website and illegal business. law

Mr. Chuwit summoned a replica of Somdej Phra Somdet

King Taksin came to swear in front of the media.

if you tell a lie, woe to yourself

But if you tell the truth, may you experience prosperity.

along with a symbolic display by bringing coins to drop onto the scales

before revealing that

Lawyer Tam received information from Mr. Jirawat or Pao Phosuwan, whom he had raised since he was young because his father was in prison.

Mother parted way

sent to study at a famous school until the end to come and follow him

Until he went to jail for Mr. Pao to collect the rent of the condo.

own minium

Before quitting and going to work with Inspector Sua who studied at the same school, received a wage of 3-4 hundred thousand baht and became a major shareholder of La Lisa Massage Parlor.

with a former police officer with the rank of Pol. Gen.

known to bring him to this hotel during the day

to discuss whether to sue Mr. Sonthi Limthongkul or not. After meeting with Mr. Sonthi, he was reprimanded because he did not believe that Mr. Tanthai would do a clean business.

He advised not to sue because he could not fight.

Before Mr. Tanthai goes back

I don't know the reason why I have to consult myself.

Mr. Chuwit also mentioned about 50 million baht in digital money transferred to the account of Duangjai Box or Mr. Term.

Mr. Chuvit's only son said

There is no money as lawyer Tum claimed to transfer in.

Regarding the pictures of the two bags of banknotes that Mr. Sitra posted and said that there was more than 6 million baht, he would like to clarify that the said money had 3 million baht per bag, totaling 6 million baht. There was no additional money from other sources.

Such money has a retired police officer named Ajarn and another officer named

I have known each other since the time I was still working in a massage parlor.

Brought it to him on February 3, 2023, but refused.

I believe it's all blackmail.

involved in politics in which he destroys the policy of a political party

before deciding to donate all the money to various hospitals

In fact, it should be brought to AMLO to inspect, willing to allow society to judge how it is with the gray money donated.

In addition, Mr. Chuvit also clarified about the land on Sukhumvit Soi 10 that he was the one who ordered the demolition of the buildings on that land.

Confirmed that he did not cheat and pay taxes 2 million baht per year. Lawyer Tam gave incorrect information.

Because the Court of First Instance dismissed the case and the Appeal Court ordered 5 years in prison, confirming that he had never received benefits from this land for more than 12 years.

“I would like to ask lawyer Tam who he received the job from.

Accept that there are things that are right and wrong.

I don't know the reason for coming out this time.

that I did not continue to reveal about Mr. Tanthai

It is because the business has already been changed to be legal.

After coming out, the gray business group always sends people to meet.

But I continued to donate the money. I wasn't angry, just wondering why it was suddenly stabbing me at this moment.

If Lawyer Tam is interested in exposing corruption in the electric train project with me, I'm happy.

If all is beneficial to the people,” Mr. Chuvit said in the end.