The BT story showed a fake Russian passport of the "deceased".

At the request of the Mediazone publication, the Belarusian "Cyberpartisans" revealed another identification of the alleged "terrorist".

According to BYPOL's version, the killed "foreigner" is an active KGB employee,

Aleksey Zakharov,

who is serving in the operational search department of the UKGB in the Vitebsk region.

The association of former security forces stated that the only accurate information in the version presented by the state media is a forged passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation with the surname


"Cyber ​​guerrillas" confirmed to "Mediazone" that the photo from Lamakin's fake passport is 99% identical to the photo of KGB employee Zakharov.

They also indicated that the KGB employee had another passport in the name of

Aleksei Semenov.

According to "Kyberpartizans", this passport is fake, since the entry about the passport is closed in the "AIS" database.

Activists say that this is usually done for police officers and agents.

In addition, Semenov has no history of changing passports in the database and lacks a birth certificate.

The identification numbers of Semenov and Zakharov differ by 2 digits, the dates of birth, first name and patronymic match.

"Mediazona" asked "Kyberpartizan" to check the photos of people similar to Zakharov, which were found through the doppelgänger search service.

The software used by the Cyber ​​Guerrillas did not show any resemblance to a KGB employee.