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Another panel of the Court of Appeal in Sofia refused to release from custody Dimitar Ljubenov, accused of the serious accident on the Sofia Ring Road a few months ago.

A French citizen died in the accident.

The case became known because two police officers took BGN 200 from Ljubenov to let him drive with alcohol in his blood and escorted him away.

House arrest with a bracelet is an appropriate measure because he does not have a license and cannot commit a new crime.

The investigation is almost over.

Only a court order from abroad is awaited, which does not depend on Lyubenov. 

Judge: Lyubenov, who killed a Frenchman with his Porsche, could have stopped

I'm not a murderer, I had a wonderful life with my family.

The fact that there was an accident does not mean that I wanted to kill someone

, Ljubenov said before the court.

I do not owe a single lev to the state, it is inhumane to stay in detention with cockroaches and bedbugs.

Enough with the arrests, enough with these measures, this goes beyond any norms.

I want to talk to my family to prepare them for what's to come.

I will not pretend to be a clown

, he added, quoted by BTA.

The prosecutor's office stated that it was against the release of Lyubenov, because the indictment has not been shaken in any way.

In its reasons, the court recorded that Ljubenov was clearly aware that he could not drive after consuming alcohol and that is why he called a drink and drive service.

He also drove the car at many times the speed limit.

According to the magistrates, it is a serious crime, and there is a danger that, if he is free, the man will commit another crime.

The court's decision is final.



Dimitar Lyubenov