The number of victims of the Russian drone attack on Rzhishchev, Kyiv region,

has increased to nine


Rescuers recovered the body of a female commandant

from under the rubble of the destroyed dormitory


This was announced by the head of the police of the Kyiv region, Andriy Nebytov, on the air of the "Kyiv" TV channel.

"In Rzhishchev, rescuers and policemen worked all night. Unfortunately, we found the last body of a person about whom there was no information. She is the commandant of this building, she died and became the 9th victim of this Russian terrorist attack on civil infrastructure objects." Nebytov said.

We will remind you that on the night of March 22, the Russian army attacked the Kyiv region with drones.

A dormitory in the city of Rzhyshchiv was damaged.

Part of the building was completely destroyed.

Among the dead are residents who ignored the alarm and an ambulance driver who came to rescue people.

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