The New Zealand Maori team participated in the sawing competition in the 112th National Aboriginal Games.

(provided by Aboriginal Association)

[Reporter Yang Mianjie/Taipei Report] The National Indigenous Games (All-Original Games) will be grandly opened tomorrow at the Taipei Flower Expo. The sports meeting, this year once again facilitated the "New Zealand Maori Team" to come to Taiwan to compete across the sea and participate in the "112th National Aboriginal Games" from March 24th to 27th.

Yi general, the chairman of the original people's association.

Icyang‧Parod pointed out that this is the first time New Zealand has sent a delegation to participate, and the conference has arranged to perform traditional Maori music and dance (Kapa haka) at the opening ceremony to show respect for the land and people of Taiwan.

The Aboriginal Association aims to promote sports exchanges between the aboriginal peoples of my country and the Austronesian peoples in the Pacific region, promote the sports diplomacy of the aboriginal peoples, and create a new milestone in the cooperation and exchanges between the aboriginal peoples of Taiwan and New Zealand.

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There are 37 people in the New Zealand Maori team this time, in order to familiarize the team members with five traditional aboriginal competitive events including traditional sawing, traditional hunting, traditional archery, boat racing and traditional music and dance.

Since recently, the Aboriginal Association has specially hired professional coaches for Aboriginal hunting, sawing and other competitions to teach them the basics and competition skills, and make proper arrangements for board and lodging, translation, and transportation.

Yi Jiang further stated that this year the New Zealand Maori team can be said to be menacing. They only trained for one day in the traditional sawing part, and they completed the sawing in more than 19 minutes. More than 30 minutes have passed, and I believe that the field competition with other Quanyuan Games teams will be exciting.

The Aboriginal Association pointed out that the participation of the New Zealand Maori team in this year's All-Origin Games will not only fully experience the charm of the traditional sports of Taiwan's aboriginal peoples, but also increase the international visibility of the Taiwan All-Origin Games. It also hopes to expand the origin of the Austronesian language Cultural exchanges between mainland Taiwan and various Austronesian nation-states.

A group photo of the New Zealand Maori team participating in the boat race at the 112th National Aboriginal Games.

(provided by Aboriginal Association)