Lithuania will not give in to pressure to ease sanctions against the Belarusian regime, Nauseda stressed, adding that Northern European countries and Lithuania's Baltic neighbors are also against the easing of sanctions, writes BPN.

"We introduced sanctions with very clear goals: to make these two regimes (Belarusian and Russian) feel certain consequences of their actions.

And first of all, for the war in Ukraine," emphasized the Lithuanian president, quoted by

Nauseda reminded that there are no "positive changes" in Belarus, and with the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the situation only worsened: "We should not allow these two dictatorial states to celebrate their victory by easing sanctions."

To solve the problem of fertilizer supplies, Nauseda proposed to "manage trade and production chains" and "directly support the countries we want to support."

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, Gabrielus Landsbergis, confirmed to LRT that a number of European countries are trying to convince the European Commission of the need to ease sanctions against official Minsk, in particular, by removing them from fertilizer producers.

According to the publication, it is offered by Belgium, Portugal, Spain and several other countries.

It is proposed to include Belarus, along with Russia, in the sanctions clause, which, as an exception, allows the transportation of fertilizers to third countries in the event that they will be used for growing food products.