On Wednesday, the London police appeared ready for a show of strength by the protesters.

New Delhi:

In Punjab, the operation of the Punjab Police in search of Khalistani Supporters and Chief of 'Waris Punjab De' Amritpal Singh (Amritpal Singh) is going on for six days.

Job police interrogated Amritpal Singh's mother for about an hour in Jallupur Kheda village of Amritsar at around 12 noon on Wednesday.

In which case this inquiry has been done, its information has not been received yet.

According to the information, the police have also interrogated Amritpal's wife Kirandeep Kaur.

Meanwhile, Khalistan supporters have come forward openly in support of Amritpal in London.

Come, let's understand what has happened so far and how India is giving answers to all these in Britain-

Important information related to the case:

  • On Wednesday, Khalistan supporters protesting against the action on Khalistani supporter Amritpal Singh shouted slogans in front of the Indian High Commission in Britain.

    Khalistan supporters got angry after the Metropolitan Police removed them from the Indian High Commission.

    He then threw water bottles and ink at the London Metropolitan Police.

  • The latest reason for this excitement of the protesters was the large Indian flag draped on the walls of the Indian High Commission in Britain.

    On Sunday, a day after the unprecedented vandalism of Khalistan supporters, the staff of the High Commission retaliated with big flags.

  • On Sunday, Khalistan supporters pulled down the Indian flag on the Indian High Commission and broke the windows of the building.

  • Late Sunday evening, India summoned a senior British diplomat in Delhi to register its strong protest with the Indian High Commission over the "complete absence of British security" as crowds protested the crackdown on Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh and his group. While doing targeted the building.

  • The Foreign Office had said, "An explanation was sought for the complete absence of British security, which allowed these elements to enter the High Commission premises."

  • The ministry also said that the UK government is expected to "take immediate steps to identify, arrest and prosecute each person involved in the incident" and take strong measures to prevent a recurrence.

    British officials condemned the vandalism, calling it "outrageous" and "completely unacceptable".

  • On Wednesday, the London police appeared ready for a show of strength by the protesters.

    The force as well as mounted police was deployed in 24 buses.

  • Additional security was seen near the Indian High Commission in London shortly after police removed traffic barricades outside the British High Commission in New Delhi on Wednesday. Only one person has been arrested by Scotland Yard over the incident.

    That person is now out on bail.

  • Some people linked New Delhi's action with Sunday's attack on the Indian High Commission in London.

    Delhi Police, however, said about the move that these barricades were "causing hindrance" to commuters.

  • Initially the nature of the protest was small, but as the evening progressed, the number increased.

    Police said that by late evening, around 2,000 protesters had reached the spot.

    They tried to break the barricade and targeted the police with water bottles, ink and powder colours.

    The police said that if the protest escalates further, they will clear the spot.