Amritpal also looted a bike during his escape.

Jalandhar (Punjab):

The Punjab Police is continuously conducting a search operation for the arrest of Khalistani leader and 'Waris Punjab De' chief Amritpal Singh.

At the same time, Amritpal is also constantly changing his whereabouts to hide from the police.

During this, the police have received many such CCTV footages, in which he can be seen changing vehicles while running away.

It is being told that fugitive Amritpal changed 5 vehicles in 12 hours to avoid arrest.

According to the police, during the escape, Amritpal Singh first boarded a Brezza car from Mercedes in Shahkot (Jalandhar).

Then in Nangal Ambien (Jalandhar Rural), he fled from Brezza car on Platina motorcycle.

While the petrol of the bike ran out, he took a three wheeler rickshaw in Darapur (Jalandhar Rural).

After this, Amritpal and Pappal Preet looted a motorcycle at gunpoint.

Police has recovered one more CCTV footage from Shekhupur in Ludhiana.

In which, on March 18, at 6.46 pm, Amritpal was seen running away from a motorcycle that was looted in Shekhupur, Ludhiana.

Earlier on Wednesday at around 12 noon, Amritpal Singh's mother was interrogated for about an hour in Jallupur Kheda village of Amritsar.

In which case this inquiry has been done, its information has not been received yet.

According to the information, the police have also interrogated Amritpal's wife Kirandeep Kaur.

According to the police, Amritpal Singh has changed his appearance on Tuesday.

In the photographs released by the police, it can be seen that Amritpal has shaved his beard.

He has removed the traditional Sikh arrow, but is wearing a turban.

He is seen sitting on the bike in shirt and jeans.

He is also wearing dark glasses.

In this whole case, apart from the associates of Amritpal Singh, a total of 154 people who helped him to escape have been taken into custody.

Apart from the arrested accused, the police is now also getting information about the family members of Amritpal Singh.