Finland approved the next package of military aid to Ukraine.

APA reports with reference to the Ministry of Defense of Finland that President Sauli Niinistö signed a decision on this today based on the proposal of the government.

This will be the 14th military aid package to be delivered to Ukraine.

According to estimates, the defense material in this package will cost 161 million euros.

Within the framework of international cooperation on Leopard tanks, Finland will provide Ukraine with three Leopard 2 tanks, including conducting training on their use and maintenance.

In the previous package, Finland delivered three Leopard 2s to Ukraine, bringing the total number of Leopard 2s sent to Ukraine to six.

The package also contains other heavy weapons and ammunition.

For security reasons and to ensure that the delivery reaches its destination, details of the aid's content, delivery method or schedule will not be disclosed.

When deciding on additional assistance, both the needs of Ukraine and the resources of the Defense Forces were taken into account," the Finnish Ministry of Defense said.

It should be noted that the total value of all defense equipment packages provided by Finland to Ukraine is about 910 million euros.