The baboon appeared on Gaoyou Road in Pingzhen on the 22nd, and they were all surprised to see the knight.

(Photographed by reporter Chen Enhui)

[Reporter Chen Enhui/Taoyuan Report] Baboons are infested in Pingzhen District, Taoyuan City. Huang Zhijie, the head of Pingzhen Township who drew the "East African Baboon Route Map", said today (23rd) that a villager reported that baboons were found eating in the vegetable garden on the 20th. Chayote, the two of them were facing each other. He mobilized a watch team to go up the mountain to search for it. He also asked the staff of Liufu Village to assist him. After several days of searching without results, he found that the baboon seemed to have left for Yangmei and Xinwufang counties. He hoped to find it as soon as possible.

Huang Zhijie said that when the search for baboons was mobilized that day, he learned that, in fact, as early as March 10, people in the factory along Xinglong Road had found baboons hunting for food. The "East African Baboon Route Map" was released to remind the public.

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Huang Zhijie pointed out that during the search process, it was found probably 2 to 3 times. During the period, it was found that the baboon immediately hid when it saw the zoo staff and fled from another direction.

As for whether it was a baboon that escaped from the zoo?

Unknown, the baboon was really smart when the Watch and Help Team came forward to round up. After the continuous rounds on the 20th and 21st, it immediately moved to another place to hide. After that, it seemed to start heading north, reaching the north of Pingzhen. So far, it has gone to Yangmei and Xinwu Direction away.

Huang Zhijie explained that the scurrying baboons will not actually cause harm to the residents, nor will they cause large-scale damage to the orchard. It just eats something, rests and then leaves, and it will not actively attack others, mobilizing the watch and help team The human search is actually to find it as soon as possible, so that it can be settled, so as not to run around and scare people.

He revealed that the baboon seems to be living in ditches or culverts at night, and mostly inhabits trees during the day, choosing higher branches to watch and observe, and will come down to look for food if there is no situation, and return to the tree after eating.

During the search, most of it stayed on the tree. During the search, the zoo staff carried an anesthesia gun, and failed to anesthetize twice, but because its speed was too fast, even with nets, cages + bananas In the past, but it was useless. It seems to know that this was done on purpose by humans, so it can only rely on an anesthesia gun.

According to the route of the "East African Baboon Route Map", the last place it appeared at 11 a.m. on the 22nd was in the Digong Temple on the fourth section of Fudan Road. However, enthusiastic people checked the surveillance cameras and found that the baboon appeared in Pingzhen 5 minutes later. In the area of ​​Gaoyou Road, it can be seen in the picture that it suddenly sprang out from the intersection. It was as big as a large domestic dog. When encountering motorcycle riders, they were all surprised and turned back to wait and see. Pause to confirm.

Some netizens also reported the latest news. Today at 12:15 noon, I drove from Xinguang Road in Pingzhen to the direction under the bridge of Tai 66 Expressway. I was surprised to see this baboon crossing the road, which seemed to be heading for Xinwu.

"Hey, it also came to our vegetable garden to steal Dalumei and sugarcane!" Chen Jinfu, the head of Yong'an District, complained this afternoon. On the evening of the 17th, he was surprised to see a baboon in the vegetable garden next to his house, and they looked at each other for a while. He just fled, and he thought to himself, "It's strange, how could there be baboons", and soon he was notified by the farmers that a baboon had been staying in Yong'an for several days. There were no traces of passing, so he notified the patrol team to hunt down.

Chen Jinfu once publicized the baboons infestation in Yong'anli in the LINE group and Facebook respectively, but he did not expect to receive a call from the staff of Leofoo Village saying, "If it is found that the animals in the park have escaped, they will be fined." I hope he will take it back In order to avoid causing trouble to Leofoo Village, he retracted the message. Unexpectedly, baboons were still running around in Chung'an, Zhenxing, and Pingzhen, and assisted each other in setting up cages to trap them, but it was still in vain.

Chen Jinfu said that this baboon is very good at hiding and often stands on the high branches of trees to watch.

(Provided by Chen Jinfu, head of Yong'an District)

Chen Jinfu, chief of Chung'an District, Pingzhen District, Taoyuan, said that after finding traces of baboons, trapping cages were set up around Xiang'an Elementary School.

(Provided by Chen Jinfu, head of Yong'an District)

Huang Zhijie, head of Xingli Township in Pingzhen Town, drew the "East African Baboon Route Map".

(Retrieved from Huang Zhijie's Facebook page)