In one of the gyms in Ivano-Frankivsk, a sign was placed with the permission not to clean up sports equipment for pregnant women and "persons with non-traditional sexual orientation".

The public organization "KyivPride" drew attention to the ambiguous announcement.

"KyivPride" explains how this inscription can offend representatives of the LGBT community.

"First of all, the expression "non-traditional sexual orientation" itself is homophobic, because homosexuality is a completely traditional sexuality. Second, here homosexual people are compared to pregnant women, playing on the stereotype of femininity, and therefore the weakness of gays. This is homophobic rhetoric (not to mention the fact that it is also quite misogynistic (disrespectful to women. - Ed.))," the public organization wrote.

According to the public, their subscriber drew attention to the offensive sign and asked the institution to remove it.

However, the gym refused, noting that "they don't see anything offensive in it."

"In addition, we have the right to set our own rules in our club. We have the right to our own opinion and no one has the right to impose their views on us," says the institution's response, cited by "KyivPride".

Earlier it was reported that a same-sex couple submitted an application for marriage in "Diya".

We will remind that a Ukrainian woman marries an LGBT military man in order to ensure the rights of his partner.

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