Fans of the Russian criminal Vladimir Putin recorded an angry video to US President Joe Biden, in which they threatened and urged "to flee from Eurasia, taking everything from Ukraine."

The video is distributed by Telegram channels.

Among the three grandmothers, as usual, the red-haired woman is the most impudent.

She angrily declared that "yesterday, two world powers united. So, you (Biden - ed.), you need to quickly take away, first of all, from Ukraine, all your military stocks, nuclear warheads around the world. Quickly he took it to the basement with them, to isolation.

You would disgrace the whole world. You put underwear on your son so that he does not walk naked.

God, what an abomination, Satanist."

After that, the other fan threatened Biden, saying that "If you don't play by the rules of Russia, you will find yourself in complete isolation. I don't even know where you can end up, how fair and honest it was."


don't dig a hole for Russia - you'll get there yourself

," said the third disgraced grandmother.

"Did you understand what we told you? Get out of Eurasia. Quickly, immediately from here. The creation of the epic is over," the leader of the "gang" concluded.

We will remind that the Pentagon called Russia "the main threat" and assured Ukraine of its support.

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