The Taipei District Court today sentenced Yuan Guozhi to 12 years in prison in accordance with the Corruption Regulations.


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[Reporter Zhang Wenchuan/Taipei Report] Yuan Guozhi, then director of the Taipei Supervision Office of the Highway Administration of the Ministry of Communications, was accused of accepting 100,000 yuan in bribes from a parking lot leasing company surnamed Wang to escort him through customs. Acting as an agent for the driver's physical examination business, he received dividends of more than 1.71 million yuan. Yuan also attempted to take a stake in a car inspection factory. The Taipei District Court sentenced Yuan to 12 years in prison in accordance with the Corruption Regulations.


The Taipei District Prosecutor's Office charged that Yuan Guozhi was in charge of managing the setting up and changing of the parking lot. In January 2019, a leasing company surnamed Wang planned to lease land to operate the parking lot in Wugu District, New Taipei City. In order to speed up the review process, he bribed Yuan Nan with 100,000 yuan. so that it can assist with setup.

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In addition, the Shilin Supervision Station under the Taipei City Supervision Office was originally stationed by the Taipei City Lianyi Yangming Hospital to handle the driver's physical examination business. After being driven away, Yuan and two practitioners surnamed Huang and Li jointly opened the Shilin Chengde Clinic next to the Shilin Supervision Station.

Afterwards, Yuan Nan entrusted the clinic with the position of director of the supervisory institute to handle the physical examination business on behalf of the clinic. Without investing a dime, he received 40% dividends according to the investment ratio, making a profit of 1,712,000 yuan. 8,000 yuan.

A car agency inspection factory on Binjiang Street, Taipei City, wanted to obtain the right to lease state-owned land. In August 2019, Yuan and his subordinate, the section chief surnamed Chen, promised that if they could help, they would give the two people 5% of the company's dry stock, but they failed to do so. .