giant face tattoo

Requesting a job opportunity

After patrolling to apply for many companies

but not working

quote tattoo on face

can't work

Until having to ask for rice at the temple to sustain life, believe

Thao Wessuwan

 Help change life after tattooing

From misbehaving, turned to help with social work

and measurement work on a regular basis

Giant face tattoo clip

Ask for a job opportunity through Tik Tok.

Disseminated through Khon Lang Lens, Khon Samut Prakan

There are more than 60,000 visitors. The news team drills the issue.

Thai Rath Online Inquire to Wat Samrong Tai (Punhang Sanawat), Samut Prakan Province

to such a case

It was confirmed by the monk that

The man named Pong Silo came to help with the temple work regularly.

By living in a house in the neighborhood of the temple

When the news team inquired to Pong Silo, 44 ​​years old, it was confirmed that

The clip is real.

In the past, I tried to apply for many jobs.

but everywhere denied

Even with a 3rd grade education, every company said that

with a giant tattooed face

therefore not accepted to work

causing him to have to ask for rice every morning

to bring children and wives to eat

Therefore, I would like to ask for a chance from the society to work.

”In the past, I used to sell grilled chicken sprinkled with sesame seeds.

and driving a motorcycle

when covid

Causing income to decrease until having to stop in order to find a more stable full-time job

but nowhere to accept work

Claiming that the tattooed face is a scary giant

not suitable for work

Even though some jobs don't require a face to work.”

For the reason why I decided to get a giant face tattoo 1 year ago because I respect

Thao Wessuwan.

 So I talked to my wife that

request a giant face

permissive wife

Once tattooed, life changes.

from people who used to misbehave

turned to take care of the family

Helping more social work

Even if a friend invites you to drink alcohol

I don't want to go like before

Because tattoos on the face look like reminders

not to turn to bad behavior

“To be discouraged in finding a job.

But still don't want to remove the tattoos on the face.

Because it's expensive to delete.

In addition, nowadays, there are quite a lot of expenses for sending daughters to study.

while both wives were unemployed

Therefore, he had to ask for rice from the temple for his children and wife to eat every day.

Every morning he goes to help prepare a table for the monks.

before sharing food from the alms round to go home.”

giant face tattoo

life has changed

from people who have never been to the temple

Went to help Luang Por work more

Sometimes there are fatalities drowning.

went to help find the body

and went to help with funerals of the deceased in almost every event in the neighborhood

without receiving money

from deceased relatives

Until the monks in the temple were surprised by the change in behavior

“I used to be discouraged from looking

for a job

until I walked up to Bhumibol Bridge.

At that time, I couldn't think of anything and wanted to keep walking.

but thought

don't want to kill yourself

Because there are still children and wives to take care of.

So I want to ask for a chance

from various companies

let me work

Even if it's just a security guard, but ready to do everything to the fullest.

Because my daughter has to spend more money on tuition.”

Phra Luk Wat, Samrong Tai (Punhang Sanawat), Samut Prakan Province, gave information that Yom Pong was a local.

used to be ordained at a temple

After getting a giant face tattoo

His character has changed, from being mischievous, to having more responsibility.

When the temple has a merit event, they will volunteer to help without accepting money.

People who came to the temple saw it and were not afraid.

because people in the community have always seen you

also appreciate that

change in character

Helping the public work more

Therefore, I want people in society to give opportunities.

Don't just look at the face

Let's look at the main action.

Because people who are good-looking, well-dressed, but misbehave themselves a lot.

Therefore, I would like to see your good behavior as an example.

Especially the youth who are going astray.

Thank you for the photos from Wat Samrong Tai page, Samut Prakan province.