This was stated by the coordinator of the White House Security Council, John Kirby, at a briefing in Washington, writes Ukrinform.

"Putin continues to find new cruel ways to kill Ukrainians and is trying to actually destroy Ukrainian cities, to erase Ukraine from the world map as an independent sovereign state," the representative of the White House noted.

He called it "ironic" that the day before Putin and Xi made statements about the need to preserve sovereignty and adhere to the UN Charter, as well as about the search for "peaceful solutions" and the cessation of hostilities.

And so the very next day, Russia launches drones and cruise missiles over peaceful cities of Ukraine, killing civilians.

"So, he (Putin - ed.) definitely did not change his tactics after this "high" rhetoric about peace and cessation of hostilities," Kirby added.

Regarding the position of China, whose leader has shown support for Russia, he noted that the United States is hostile to any efforts to ease the international isolation of the Russian dictator and his regime.

"We do not support any attempt to strengthen his economy or make it healthier," the White House representative summed up.

It will be recalled that during the meeting with Xi Jinping,

Putin noted that the Russian Federation has carefully studied the Chinese plan for a "peaceful settlement in Ukraine"

and "respects China's initiatives in this regard.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine calculated that

Xi Jinping would use his influence on Putin to end the war


The spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oleg Nikolenko emphasized that Ukraine is ready for a closer dialogue with China with the aim of restoring peace. 

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