Evans, a South African snake rescue expert, received a report a few days ago. A woman pointed out that a big snake was eating a kitten in her home. After going to the scene, she caught a black mamba snake with a length of 2.7 meters and a weight of about 3 kilograms.

(The picture is taken from the "Nick Evans- Snake Rescuer" Facebook page)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A South African snake rescue expert shared that he received a report from a woman a few days ago, pointing out that he saw a big snake devouring a pet kitten and fled screaming in fright. I went to check and found a "African Death" black mamba snake in a shed full of sundries. After being captured, it has been moved to another place for resettlement.

South African snake rescue expert Nick Evans posted on Facebook on the 21st, in which he mentioned that he received a private message from a woman through the social software Whatsapp on the evening of the 16th, pointing out that she saw a big snake and would come to eat it A few minutes later, a video of a big snake staring at the pet cat was suddenly transmitted. The background was full of screams. Evans immediately recognized a black mambas from the video.

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Evans went to the scene to catch snakes the next day (17th) and found a moving black mamba snake in a shed full of sundries. He worked with nearby residents to move the upper wood to facilitate the hunting of giant snakes. When the black mamba saw humans approaching, it immediately tried to escape, but he carefully captured the 2.7-meter-long and 3-kilogram snake with his pincers, and then placed it in other natural habitats, away from humans.

Evans added that kittens are cute for humans, but they are considered food of the right size in the eyes of black mambas. A few weeks ago, he killed a black mamba snake with a stick. He immediately told the residents that the black mamba snake would not bite people suddenly, but it may attack humans after being beaten with a stick. He reminded the residents not to hunt by themselves next time Black mamba.

It is reported that the black mamba snake is called the "African death". It is a large poisonous snake distributed in sub-Saharan Africa. The black mamba has deadly venom and is about 3 meters long on average. It is considered the most venomous snake in the world One, usually dies within 20 minutes after being bitten.